Hearts Eyes - Praetorius's Dances from Terpsichore

by Vicki Swan in Cressing, England, United Kingdom



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Crowdfunding an album of dance tunes from Terpsichore by Praetorius performed on nyckelharpa quintet.

by Vicki Swan in Cressing, England, United Kingdom

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The £1000 will just  cover the cost of printing the CDs. The stretch goal will allow me to pay me some money for the 10 days of recording, for the mixing,  mastering and artwork and maybe even eat....

1598102460_moraharpadag.jpgThe 16th March was a day that changed everything. Until then I performed in a folk duo, travelling up and down the country playing to audiences and teaching the nyckelharpa. We had a wonderful year ahead of us, lots of gigs, the best year yet for workshops and teaching. We had tours in the Netherlands, teaching in Germany and Portugal. In one swoop we lost all of this work.

We have had a lot of time at home (five months) and we have filled this with lots of online teaching and streaming. The camera has never been busier and the internet so used! 

1597785774_img_2177.jpegI decided I would like to record an album of Dances from Terpsichore by Praetorius. In normal times this album would be sold and earn its keep from our gigs and nyckelharpa workshops. As we don't currently have these gigs I have decided to Crowdfund it.

Michael Praetorius published Terpsichore in 1612. It is a compendium of over 300 dance tunes arranged for quintets/quartets. The CD will be made up from numbers 1, 2, 3 and 32!

Between 1612-1620 Praetorius published his Syntagma Musicum. At the end of the second volume, there is a section called, Theatrum Instrumentorum - these are wood cuts of lots of different instruments that Praetorius met on his travels. Plate 22 includes a picture of a keyed-fiddle - schlüssel-fiddel. A version of this instrument was found in Sweden (whether the book came before the Swedish instrument  or vice versa is hotly debated). So of course as a player of the Moraharpa- this features on a couple of the tracks. Watch the video to meet it!

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