Hawkinge Cricket Club Covid Fundraising

by Andy Brooks in Hawkinge, England, United Kingdom

Hawkinge Cricket Club Covid Fundraising


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Our income has seen a significant decline due to Covid 19. Our aim is to raise £5,000 to secure the Club's future and invest in new projects

by Andy Brooks in Hawkinge, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We will use the extra funds to repair our cricket nets, upgrade our astro. Replace the coverings for the covers. New Wheels on portable net and new scoreboard. The improvements we make will enable us to help even more people participate in the great game of cricket.

Hawkinge Cricket and Social Club - Securing the Future

Our Club

Hawkinge Cricket Club is a vibrant and family-friendly cricket club, offering a wide range of playing opportunities to the local community for all ages. Also a very popular social side offering functions for all the local community.


Trying Times

What a challenging year 2020 was! Adults and colts were unable to play cricket at all last year, the first time since  the club had formed. Our social activities were also affected, with so many popular regular events and functions 

The impact of COVID-19

Like many clubs, COVID-19 had a significant impact on the club and meant that our income for 2020/21 was well below normal levels.  

There was limited match day income, and less bar income no memberships or funds from  events that we would normally run. We have also lost income from party's and functions. Which all help towards the running of the club. 

COVID-19 also added to our costs, with the need for extra sanitization and making the club Covid safe.

Our Appeal

Financially, 2020 was pretty awful.  Most revenue streams that the Club rely on have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, resulting in a significant financial loss. Despite the small business grant received from the local council, fixed overheads including utilities, staffing, running costs and ground maintenance continue.

We are therefore launching an appeal to our members and the local community for your support.  Our target is £5,000 and in achieving this, we will ensure we enter 2021 in a better financial position.  We will be able to complete a number proposed projects and can invest in and promote our youth and adult cricket teams; the worse affected part of the club in 2020.


How will we invest in our club

Donations received will be put to very good use. As a financially secure club we will be able to continue to develop our cricket offering to the community. This will include;

  • Growing our Colts section, including the provision of coaches to supplement our own volunteers
  • Investing in new equipment  gear for our junior players
  • Improved playing facilities e.g. new scoreboard, repair portable net, new covers 
  • Help promote the new fitness group and get it up and running


During Lockdown

During the lockdown period the club have been busy thinking of new ways to help the local community and we are pleased to announce that we have linked up with Hourglass Fitness Hawkinge, this is so exciting they will be doing weekly sessions in a permeant marquee which we are currently installing also lots of outside glasses on the field , They will also be teaming up with the cricket teams to help with fitness, also offering lots of different events from rounders, sports days for the local community on the field to get more people active. We are so excited about this being fit and healthy is even more important at the moment. Pictures below are from the fitness group using our pitch in the summer and the base of the marquee installed.

Back in the summer when they used the ground1611950812_131142705_2815817782040584_4077650110888198579_o.jpg


We have also signed up to with the ECB for All Stars Cricket which is an exciting new programme for 5 - 8 yrs old's.  We are putting a lot of effort into getting the colts cricket back and running and feel this is a good starting point. Especially Hawkinge is now classed as a Town there are lots of children and this scheme will get them involved with cricket early. All Stars Cricket helps with the following:

  • Batting – hitting a moving ball
  • Throwing – underarm and overarm
  • Catching – small and large balls
  • Bowling – overarm
  • Running – lots of movement
  • Teamwork – fun games with friends
  • Communication – the basics of cricket
  • Spirit of Cricket – how to respect others
  • 1611956373_original.jpg

Thank You

We appreciate times are difficult, however, it is unlikely that the Club will succeed without your help. Any amount that you can spare will be greatly appreciated.  Please donate whatever you can to ensure the future for our wonderful club.

Let's make 'Hawkinge Cricket Club Covid Fundraising' happen

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