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Like most things in life, the more you put into your Crowdfunder project, the more you'll get out of it.

Our team of industry experts know this better than anyone, and they host regular online webinars and workshops to share their knowledge and know-how.

They understand that while ideas may come in all shapes and sizes, the path to success is tried and tested.

The experience that our team has of planning, creating and running successful crowdfunding projects is second to none. So, if you need some help with building a foundation for your project, engaging your supporters or if you're just looking for a creative spark, then you're in the right place.

Tune in, sit back and let our team walk you through it all.

Every great Crowdfunder project has a good story, an enthusiastic team and a community around them. But the real secret to success is preparation.

Sami Mauger, Head of Coaching and Project Innovation

Latest from the Crowdfunder Team

Jumpstart 2018: Creating your Crowdfunder page

View how to create your Crowdfunder page. 

Jumpstart 2018: Launching your Crowdfunder project 

Here we focus on the steps to launch your project and how to get the best start to your project. 

Jumpstart 2018: Getting ready to crowdfund 

Ready, Set, Go! Learn how to get ready to crowdfund

Spring Series 2018

Creating your project

In this video, our team talk about how to create your Crowdfunder project.

Getting ready to crowdfund

In this video, our team talk about getting ready to crowdfund.

In this video, our team talk about how to launch your Crowdfunder project.

Thinking about running a community share?

Community shares

Here we talk directly to those that have already run community share projects

Community shares for pubs

In this video, our team talk about how communities across the UK are turning to Crowdfunder to take ownership of the hub of the community: the local.

Community shares for heritage

Heritage projects are especially prone to funding cuts, so our expert team explore the role that community shares can play in taking back some ownership.

Community shares for energy projects

How can community shares work for energy projects in the UK? In this video, our expert team highlight some of the key considerations.

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