Promoting Inclusion with Authentic Free-From Food

Promoting Inclusion with  Authentic Free-From Food

Award Winning Vegan, Free From 14 Allergen Samosas, Chutneys & Spices. Help us to share our products & recipes so individuals don't miss out

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £2,056 of £2,000 target with 41 supporters in 14 days

Green Sisters are raising funds to increase the availability & awareness of authentic Indian 'free-from' food, which includes an award winning range of Vegan, Gluten-free Samosas, Chutneys, Spice pots & recipes.

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Co-founders Geeta & Reena (from left to right) are passionate about breaking food barriers through the provision of extremely tasty, high quality, authentic Indian produce; that is free-from the 14 major food allergens. We have roped in a team of loyal friends & family to help us spread the word at various events up & down the country. In 2017, we were finalists of the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards, which is where we discovered the team at - thanks guys!

Green Sisters is about us; two sisters who are mad about food and love to share! 

Our journey began long before we incorporated in 2016 where for many years, as a family, we found it exceptionally challenging to eat a single meal together, that met all of our family's dietary needs. Social gatherings posed further challenges. 

After speaking with others, it dawned on us that this challenge was not unique to us. In a variety of scenarios, at home or away, many people continue to miss out on amazing, great tasting food, for the simple fact that their diet restricts or limits them in some way. Friends and family even struggle to cater for loved ones! 

Being frustrated by these limitations and constantly having to miss out, we made it our business to bring back to the table the food that we love to share. 


Products available to order to UK Mainland. Get in touch with us and visit

Green Sisters promote accessible and inclusive free-from food, through the production of a deliciously tasty, award-winning range of gluten free samosas, wrapped in a crisp pastry, which is free-from all the 14 major allergens and wonderfully tempting whether baked or fried!



7ffcca5647562c8598b5e5eb5d2864391a3e7c3eOur tasty products are hand-made & artisan for the majority, including those with specific dietary needs. All products are ‘Free From Compromise’ in taste and quality. Increasing our reach will mean individuals can eat together once more and won’t miss out on delicious products

12c5bc79e2240b69ebc782830603586a2de5b10bOur Free-from range of samosas recently received Gold at Free From Food Awards for Food Manufactured for Food Service Environments. This year we hope to achieve more recognition, including recognition for our delicious **NEW** velvety vegan, fair-trade, organic chocolate and raspberry baked samosa. 

82a1253f22fd4d8c24af2a5b9a71273a267687f5Our portfolio has been developed with vegan diets in mind and our core product range is suitable for Vegan diets and free-from all 14 major food allergens (below). 


We believe education plays an important role in empowering and equipping individuals with the right know-how, skills and confidence to be able to rustle up meals or dishes to suit the needs of everyone around the table. Ultimately promoting inclusion through food and breaking down social barriers created by dietary needs or preferences. 

More recently we have developed a range of spice pots with recipes and vlogs to accompany these, making it simple to recreate our authentic recipes to share.

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Share our authentic Indian know-how! By producing a range of **NEW** & aromatic spice combinations, which are totally Free-From 14 allergens, packaging them beautifully and producing  wonderfully authentic Indian recipe cards & vlogs to accompany these! 

Rent a suitable allergen friendly kitchen, to increase production of enticing Free From Samosas, **NEW** Spice Pots & Chutneys

Reach a wider audience. Through increasing volume, we can supply more venues across the country and increase availability, so that you can enjoy our products more readily 

Increasing our capacity will naturally lead to the need for more resource/ employment in the local community.

Our audience will find it super easy to re-create delectable dishes for themselves or to share at home. Following a free-from diet has never been so simple & deliciously tasty. 

All of these products will leave you feeling nourished & inspired. All of this and a life that’s #freefromcompromise.

"Really delicious samosas - delivery was easy and prompt, and the samosas were absolutely delicious - among the best samosas I've ever had, which is incredible considering they are free of all 14 allergens... why aren't all samosas like this? Bought partly as a present for two of my GF friends, who were so thrilled as they hadn't had samosas in years. Would highly recommend!!!" - ALEXANDRA EVANS (CO FOUNDER OF EATSAFE APP)

"What a treat, not eaten samosas since coeliac diagnosis. Great product. Just what the #glutenfree community needs, delicious savoury snacks. #WalesGFShow." - MAIRE KEVIN CLEARY

"Fantastic yummy samosas; crispy and light with yummy hot vegetables inside " - MAX MEL

"I had some gluten free samosas and the freezer pack delivered. They are delicious! Had definitely missed these since being diagnosed as Coeliac, but no longer! Will be ordering more soon." -BECKY THOMAS

"Hi there. I just had some of your lovely samosas and chick peas at the Liverpool Viva Vegan Festival. They were gorgeous! So hard to find vegan and gluten free food. Thanks for the nice chat too. Cheers" - BARBARA SMITH

"Thanks for supplying such great food for my party on Saturday night. My guests told me how much they loved the food, I also thought it was delicious. My friends who are gluten free or veggie also enjoyed eating the same as everyone else. The service you gave was friendly and professional from start to finish. Thank you. C" - CAROL FRYER

£25 – ***NEW FINAL 24 HOUR SPECIAL REWARD*** Do you fancy an Indian afternoon tea with the Sisters!?


Not able to contribute but like what we are doing? You can spread the word and shout about us on Instagram (greensisters3free), twitter (@greensisters3f) and Facebook (greensisters3free), whatsapp it to your friends, email it to your colleagues and talk about it your family. And feel free to get in touch, or come say hello, grab a samosa and chai with us at one of our next event (see website for where to find us next at to give us a high five!

You will receive your reward after successful completion of the Crowdfunding campaign. We will keep you updated. As our chutneys, spice pots, packaging will be going to print, this will depend on lead times and can take 3-4 months. We know you can’t wait to get your hand on them so we’ll try to get them to you as soon as possible!

Reaching the 5K stretch target will enable us to invest in equipment and machinery to further improve access and increase production of the range. We have a number of pieces of equipment in mind, which will enable us to produce more.

Since our supply chain requires frozen dispatch we would like to look at better options for delivery and this would enable this.

Reaching better economies of scale will achieve cost efficiencies, enabling us to re-invest in product development and pass on cost savings, where possible.

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