The time is now to get more Greens to Parliament!

by Green Party of England and Wales in London, England, United Kingdom


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At the next General Election we can only get more Greens in Parliament if we can make your voice heard. The time is now to give Green.

by Green Party of England and Wales in London, England, United Kingdom

Does political gridlock leave you craving a reality check? Are you eager for the day when the big debates at Prime Minister’s Questions are how to reach carbon neutrality and close the inequality gap? You are not alone.

The upcoming General Election is our chance to bring more Greens to Parliament - MPs you can trust to re-build a Britain that works for everyone and paves the path to net zero carbon emissions by 2030. 

We have a plan for progress and we need your support to make it real. Each of the major parties will spend millions on the election. We hope to raise £300k. 

To make your voice heard in this campaign, we will spend the funds raised on: 

  • extending our social media reach 
  • hiring more campaigns staff
  • printing leaflets 
  • putting up billboards in our target areas 

How will Greens move the country from chaos to progress?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that we have 12 years left to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint for Earth to remain habitable for humanity.  Green policy responds to the reality that we are in a Climate Emergency. The time is NOW for impactful progress towards economic and environmental justice. 

Greens ask the tough questions, reveal the inconvenient truths and offer solutions, not sticking plasters. The time is now: 

  • for a Green New Deal that makes progress possible by providing an economic cure for the triple crisis of inequality, climate breakdown and failed finance
  • to change company law so that businesses have responsibility for focusing on climate related issues and society and managing their carbon emissions rather than making profit at any cost
  • to provide UK citizens with the secure financial foundations from which to live their lives by supporting the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs in renewable energy, provide training to access these jobs, build 100,000 new socially rented homes a year, and provide a citizen's income to give people extra income to transition smoothly to a low-carbon economy

Our European friendships are crucial in addressing the biggest issues of our time. Finding solutions to the climate crisis and repairing our economy is impossible without working hand in hand with our closest neighbours.

Greens say yes to Europe. We will continue to campaign for Remain and a People's Vote, insisting that Remain is put on the ballot paper.

The only way out of polarisation is through real democracy. 

We must make sure that we all have a say in the issues that will define our time: Brexit and the Climate Crisis. 

The Green Wave is growing. Friends, we are in this together. You can trust us to always tell you the truth. Now is the time to turn talk into action. 

In this year’s European Election 7 Green MEPs were sent to Brussels - our best result ever.  Now, let’s send more Green MPs to Parliament!

You can help by: 

P.S Because we are a political party: 

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If you make multiple donations to us, they may be aggregated for our reporting purposes.

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P.P.S If you want to make a donation offline, we are available at 0203-6919-396 or The Biscuit Factory, J Block (215), 100 Clements Road, London, SE16 4DG. 

* Promoted by Chris Rose on behalf of the Green Party, both at The Biscuit Factory, Unit 215 J Block, 100 Clements Road, London, SE16 4DG. *




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A week's stay in rural France

Enjoy a week's free accommodation on the site of an old water mill in rural France, near Limoges (3 hour train ride from Paris).

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Vegan afternoon tea on a solar powered bus

A tour of the UK's first fully electric fleet of buses powered by solar panels on the roof of the bus at the depot in Brighton. Includes a scenic ride on one of the buses followed by vegan afternoon tea with our MEP Alexandra Phillips.

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Day trip to Brussels

A day trip to Brussels with a tour of the European Parliament and lunch with our MEP Alexandra Phillips.

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