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Green Lane Outdoor Community Space

by Felix Kraty in Worcester Park, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 7th February 2020 we successfully raised £8,160 with 111 supporters in 80 days

Let's get our children learning outside!

by Felix Kraty in Worcester Park, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any money we raise over and above our £8,000 target will help us develop the grounds around our Umbrella Classroom. This will make the space more easily accessible and will equip it with extra resources to make our children's learning more enriching and inspiring.

Thank you for all your support with this project!

Green Lane Primary and Nursery school has 420 pupils on the outskirts of London.

We want to build an outdoor classroom so our children can spend time being active and outside, whatever the weather.

One of our key aims over the next 2 years is to increase the amount of outside learning time for the children. We want to encourage the children to be more active and closer to nature by including outdoor learning in their weekly timetable. We recognise that some children learn better in a non-classroom environment and that many children have little access to outdoor space when they're not at school.

The benefits of outdoor learning are widely recognised across publications and research papers*: 

  • Test scores, attitude about school, attendance and behaviour all improve when students learn in and about nature
  • Stress levels of students and teachers decrease as do symptoms of ADHD
  • Enhances the sense of community in the school. A shared learning space brings together children across the years.

So what are we actually trying to do?

We want to build an outdoor classroom which will be used to:

  • Offer timetabled outdoor learning time to all children, every week, regardless of weather
  • Teach the children about plants by being closer to nature
  • Offer new sports clubs that we don’t currently have the space for. We have wonderful ideas, but no space!
  • Give a dry, accessible space to support the wider community events that the school hosts – including an annual fireworks display, Christmas market and Summer Fair.

 It is going to be a beautiful structure that the children will benefit from for years to come

And how much will this cost?

Our outdoor classroom will cost £8000. 

How can you help?

We need your donations to help us fund all of this. Every single piece of woodchip, wooden panel and sleeper bench needs to be paid for. We really need your help donating what you can and sharing this page with friends, family and local businesses. 


We would like to offer you a reward in return because it makes this process more fun. Have a look at the Rewards section for full details.

Corporate Rewards

We are installing a large acrylic Sponsor Panel in the school. The panel will measure 90cm x 120cm and will contain the logos of all the sponsors who help us bring our project to life. Each square costs £25 and is 9cm x 9cm. You can donate £25 for a single square, or if you would like to donate enough to claim multiple squares, you can click through the reward on the right then update the 'quantity' box to the number you wish to pay for. As soon as we receive your donation we will be in touch for you to select the squares you would like to use (based on what is still available).

More information about the logo panel can be viewed in this PDF, and you can see which squares are still available here.


The following are examples of the many publications which highlight the connection between outdoor learning and children's wellbeing:

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project! Please share this page as far and wide as you can to help us achieve our goals!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Pocket Money Power!

Donate £1 or MORE of your pocket money to help POWER us to £8,000! We want it to be the CHILDREN who finish this project! Come on kids.. ask your grown up to donate that £1 you found down the back of the sofa,or £3 of the spending money you got from your Great Aunt Pat at Christmas,or HOWEVER much you'd like. This money will build your NEW CLASSROOM and it will be AWESOME.(change the 'quantity'when you buy the reward to set the amount you donate)

£5 or more

Website Shout Out

We will write your name on a dedicated page on the Green Lane School website for the world to see

£12 or more

Green Coffee Cup!

Receive an exclusive, reusable, Green Lane branded coffee cup made from bamboo. For truly Green (Lane) Coffee! You will be contacted to collect your cup from the school

£20 or more

8 of 30 claimed

Wall of Quotes

Your favourite book quote will be displayed on our new Wall of Quotes in the school. Whether it is Harper Lee, Dr Seuss or Roald Dahl - we will take those wonderful words and inspire the next generation. 140 character limit per quote plus the Author's name. We will contact you for your quote and will ask you if you would like it dedicated to someone.

£25 or more

94 of 120 claimed

Corporate Reward: Logo Board

Your company logo will be added to a 9cm x 9cm square on our Sponsors Panel. Your organisation will be etched into our school history for eternity. If you want to sponsor multiple squares, you'll have the chance to select additional units during checkout. We will contact you to confirm your square choice and request your logo.

£100 or more

Prosecco and Chocolate Hamper

You deserve this reward, really. Thank you for such a generous donation, we will gift you with a prosecco hamper and a thank you card, of course.

£50 or more

10 of 10 claimed

Quotes in our Umbrella Classroom

Choose a favourite book quote to be engraved  permanently on the wall of our Umbrella Classroom to inspire our current and future children with their learning. 140 character limit per quote plus the Author's name. We will contact you for your quote.

£65 or more

4 of 4 claimed

Dedicate a Tree

A plaque with ‘sponsored by: xxxxxx xxxxxxx’ or 'This tree is dedicated to xxxxx xxxxx' will be added to one of 4 young Rowan or Silver Birch trees near our Umbrella Classroom. These trees should grow to be 15 metres tall and will be a wonderful part of Green Lane's environment for many generations of school children.

£75 or more

14 of 14 claimed

Sponsor a bench

A plaque with 'sponsored by: xxxxxx xxxxxxx' will be added to one of the outdoor classroom sleeper benches. Plaque size will be approx 4"x2". Each bench will have 2 plaques. We will contact you so you can tell us what you would like written.

£260 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Forest Adventure Party

2 hour party for 12 children at a date to be agreed with Mr Fairclough. To be used by December 2020. The party could include fire lighting, den building, tool work, tree climbing and much more - to be decided between parents and Mr Fairclough. The host will be responsible for providing food and drink. Full details are available to read on the Umbrella Classroom FB page and will be sent to you after you have purchased this reward.

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