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by Dog Section Press in London, England, United Kingdom

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Great Anarchists by Ruth Kinna and Clifford Harper started life as a pamphlet series. We've collected all ten essays and illustrations together to make this beautiful book. 

Dog Section Press is a workers' cooperative and all of our books are printed with Calverts, a workers' cooperative. Both the original series and the book are published in collaboration with Active Distro Publishing.


About the Authors

Ruth Kinna
is a professor of Political Theory at Loughborough University, working in the Department of Politics, History and International Relations where she specialises in political philosophy. Since 2007 she has been the editor of the journal Anarchist Studies. Her most recent book is The Government of No-one (Pelican).

Clifford Harper
is a worker, illustrator, and militant anarchist. He has worked for many radical and alternative publications, the international anarchist movement and almost all of the UK national newspapers.

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Protest Stencil pamphlet

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Our best-selling book to date is an illustrated exposition of social ecology in the autonomous Kurdish region of Rojava, with a foreword by Debbie Bookchin.


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A collection of Youth Liberation writing, originally published online by Stinney Distro. This anthology draws together all 20 issues of the NO! zine series into one print edition. It is jointly published with Active Distribution.


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