by Mike Newell in Mitcham, England, United Kingdom

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I am raising funds to set up an online platform and app which will be available on Android and IOS, The app is called granparents for hire.

by Mike Newell in Mitcham, England, United Kingdom

What is grandparents for hire? It is an online platform and app which will be accessible by any tablet, mobile and PC.  The app will enable parents to find secure reliable childcare. The platform will be open to anyone over the age of 55  and you don't have to be a grandparent to join.  

What are we trying to achieve?

We are trying to solve two problems;

 a) Finding good quality affordable childcare is a difficult task for parents. There are a few options such as; registered childminders, nanny's, friends and family.  Childminders require the parent to travel to the childminder's address.  The kids are looked after at that address and collected, this could involve travel, time and cost. You need to see several childminders before you find the right one and the children are looked after in a house that is unfamiliar to them.   Friends and family are a good choice but not always reliable. 

 b) Our nation is living longer and the pension investments have unperformed over the last 10 years which means pension providers are paying out a lower income than was originally planned leaving a gap in the pensioners finances.

Granny for hire will provide an additional income for the pensioner, It will also increase that persons social circle as they will be meeting new people and keeping active. I have 5 kids myself and they keep me fit!

What makes my project great? 

  • The app will be easy to use, 
  • The child minders will be DBS checked,
  • They will need to supply  photographic ID and provide a utility bill to verify their address.   

The benefit of this is peace of mind for the parent as their kids are precious, keeping them safe means more to me than money.  

The grannies benefit as they will top up their pension with a secondary income and will work when it suits them.   The app will have an offline function which means that particular child minder is not working that day.   We've all got parents, friends or families that are over 55, some of then will benefit by working as a child minder.  The grannies are not just a child minder they will possess skills from when they were employed, retired teachers, could be good at a craft, music, acting, sports and so on.  

They also have life experience which is invaluable.   Grannies for hire will provide flexible employment opportunities for the mature adult. It supports parents by providing flexible affordable childcare and helps to bring our communities together.

Meet the CEO

Mike Newell has 25 years experience in IT working for some of the largest telecoms company's in the UK. Mike was a founding member of Business Development at INSnet a broadband service provider that was acquired by Cable and Wireless for £140,000,000.   Recently he has worked as a consultant for an online take away food ordering app with a mission to cut queuing.  The app has raised £250,000, it is fully scaled and ready to grow.   Instantt has 10,000 users and 75 restaurants and is growing daily.

Childcare is close to his heart being a father of 5  Mike knows the challenges of securing excellent childcare. The app works on a similar basis to Uber in terms of booking childcare, payments for booking will be taken immediately off the parent and the child minder gets paid every two weeks by bank transfer.

Working with grannies have several benefits some of them are listed above  but a major one is it helps the grannies increase their social circle, as they will be meeting new people.   A relationship between a child minder and the parent has to be based on trust as the parent is allowing access to their most precious procession which is their children.  Once that relationship is forged it will last for years. 

How will the money be spent?

The money raised will be invested on the app which will be available on Google Play and App Store.  The web site will be our shop window with two sign up sections one for the grannies and one for the parents.  The cost for both the app and web site is approximately £17,200 leaving £2800 for contingency.   Once the platform is fully functional we will be looking to grow the business ourselves initially using the social media skills I have acquired over the years, we will then look to seek first seed investment to expand the business and grow our team to support our customers.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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