Help save my cat Goku's leg! Prizes and gifts!

Project by motherofcats
Help save my cat Goku's leg! Prizes and gifts!

Please help me raise the vet fees needed to make sure my kitty gets to keep his back leg fuurever! Raffle, gifts and love x

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is Goku, not even 2 years old. A big meower and a big comfort. He got caught on barbed wire Jumping over a fence out on his adventures and had to struggle his back leg free while dangling. It was swollen like a club foot and the vet and I originally thought it was nasty bites. When he still couldn't walk on it i took him back to the vets and turned out he broke his back leg at the top with type 2 salter Harris fracture. During the diagnosis I had to consider putting him down, amputation, giving him away BUT I have been blessed that he was deemed fixable!!!! He will have to stay in a cage for 6-8weeks and in a cone for two

I ask you all for help to find a final £800 to complete the process to ensure my cats leg will fuurever stay attached to his body!

I know he isn't your cat, but I and those who know him love him to pieces and he and his brother are my closest family. Anything will be of tremendous help and Goku and I will be eternally greatfull. Xxx

Raffle prizes will be edible, drinkable or homemade and awesome and can be cat or human orientated by choice if you win xx

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