Make Gnoss' New Album Happen! (Creative Scotland)

by Gnoss in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st August 2020 we successfully raised £7,906 with 158 supporters in 14 days

// We're recording a brand-new studio album of original folk music and need your help to access Creative Scotland funding. Let's go!

by Gnoss in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Hitting this stretch target will grant us access to the final instalment of Creative Scotland funding! 

We'll be able to use this money to increase the quality of all the album's surrounding materials - music videos, single releases, spotify/ + social media graphics - and to further minimise the damage COVID-19 has done to Gnoss' finances. 

If we hit this stretch goal, EVERY supporter will be gifted;

- an EXCLUSIVE Gnoss bonus track, just for supporters of this campaign.

- a free ticket to our first ever live-streamed Gnoss gig. Date TBC. 

Thanks so much for getting us this far in such a short time. We really can't believe it! You've made a folk band very happy.

Aidan, Graham, Connor, and Craig.


We’re Gnoss - a four-piece folk band based in Glasgow - and we’re currently in the process of writing the follow-up record to our ‘Album Of The Year’ nominated, 2019 release, ‘Drawn From Deep Water’. 

These are uncertain times for musicians; the four of us have had all our touring cancelled, and our plans for next year couldn’t be more up in the air. As is the case for all performance-based creatives, our income has disappeared completely. 

This is why we couldn’t be more excited to be in with a chance of accessing some very generous funding from Creative Scotland - up to £5000 in additional funding to be added to a successful Crowdfunder! 

That’s where you come in. With your support, we can make our best record yet. 

We’ve put together a tonne of perks for you to claim in exchange for your support, scroll down the side of this site to browse! We couldn’t be more thankful. 


^us, going at it.


The Creative Scotland funding is spread between multiple projects on a first come first serve basis - to access any, we’ll have to act fast! The funding awarded is based on hitting Crowdfunder targets;

  • £1000 raised and 30 supporters joined - We’re granted an additional £1000 in funding!
  • £2500 raised - We’re granted a further £2500!
  • £5000 raised - We’re granted a final £5000!

If this Crowdfunder hits its target, we’ll have been awarded a grand total of £5000 in Creative Scotland Funding, all thanks to you! 

Making an album is an expensive process - these funds would go a very long way towards helping us cover the costs, especially in this time where we're unable to work. The rest of the costs will be covered by The Gnoss Pot, money we’ve been setting side from our gig fees and merch sales over the past two years of gigging. Check the last section of this bio (THE BUDGET) to see a detailed breakdown of our planned expenses! 

So, this album…


We’ve assembled an amazing team of creatives who we all admire deeply to ensure the album is the best it can be;

SCOTT WOOD of OakRidge Studios will be recording and producing the album in early December. We’ve worked with him before for some of our earlier recordings (Waves and The Silver Fox) and the quality of sound he captured then was incredible - that’s only gone from strength to strength. We know he's the engineer to deliver the sound we're looking for. 

ELLY LUCAS is in charge of visuals! We’ll be shooting album photography with her this Autumn, and she’ll also be in charge of physical album layout as well as digital cover-art design. Her work across the realm of British folk music is outstanding and brims with character. We can’t wait to work with her.

JANE BRACE will be running a comprehensive PR campaign in the months surrounding the launch of the album, ensuring the work of everyone involved reaches the audience it deserves. 

JAMES LINDSAY will play the bass!

Your financial support will help ensure all our team are paid what they’re owed for their incredible work. 

1597142013_screenshot_2020-08-11_at_11.33.16.png(©Mae Mackay)


We plan on making this out first ever release of entirely our own, self-penned material. 

Drawn From Deep Water comprised a 60/40 split between original Gnoss material and tunes or songs we’d found elsewhere, written by other musicians. This felt appropriate at the time, but as we've continued to develop, it now feels like we only truly expressing our musical voice and intentions effectively when we’re performing music written by ourselves. This album will be all our own song-writing, all our own tunes. 

Expect less sets of tunes and more single-melody instrumental pieces, expect song-writing that sits within a folkier style than we’ve looked at before, and expect a record that might not be particularly traditional but is still rooted in the acoustic sounds of the genre. This is music we’re incredibly excited about and we hope you will be too!


Making an albums is an expensive process, and at this time of scarcity we feel it's very important to make sure all the creatives involved are paid fairly for their time. We also feel that it’s never been more important to be transparent about where your money is going - times are hard for everyone and to be generous means more than ever before. 

To give you an idea of where your pledges will go in the the process, here’s a rough breakdown of the costs involved.

  • Recording & Mixing (engineer & studio hire costs) - £4200
  • Mastering - £400
  • Album Artwork (photography, layout and design) - £800
  • Printing - £1200
  • PR & Distribution - £3100

That’s a grand total of £9,700 to make and release an album of the standard we want to present to you. This doesn't include every cost, but paints a good picture of where we'll be focusing our expenses. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this far! We couldn't be more excited to get up and going again and record this album: the next chapter in the Gnoss saga. None of this would be possible without your help and we're very grateful for every supporter that gets on board. 

If you have any questions then please get in touch! Our email is [email protected]

We'll be updating this crowdfunder regularly so keep an eye on the Updates section for news from the four of us. Until then! Speak soon. Keep well. Here's to 2021!

Aidan, Craig, Graham, and Connor.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

63 of 80 claimed

// EARLY-ACCESS Signed Physical Album!

Get a copy of our brand new album before ANYBODY ELSE! We’ll ship a SIGNED copy to you two weeks before its official 2021 launch date. Only 80 available! (Digital download code also included!)

£3 or more

// Your Name In The Album!

We couldn't make this album without your support! As a thank-you, we'll include your name - and the name of every other supporter - in our album's liner notes. NOTE - all further pledges will also benefit from this reward!

£8 or more

// Digital Download

Pledge eight pounds and we’ll send you a download code for our new album (plus custom-made digital art-book) in time for its 2021 launch date.

£12 or more

// Physical Album

A physical copy of our brand-new album, shipped to your door in time for it’s 2021 launch date!

£40 or more

// We'll Teach You Something! One-To-One Lesson.

A personalised 45-minute-long lesson from one of the four of us, covering whatever topic you want; fiddle, flute, funk-dance, etc. Delivered via Zoom, FaceTime or a similar service. What would you like to learn?

£150 or more

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// Cover of YOUR CHOICE!

You choose the song, we cover it! Full band arrangement. Studio quality audio / video. The file will be sent to you as well as posted on our social media channels! (Note - due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures these may take up until the end of January to be delivered.)

£150 or more

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// We'll Write You A Tune!

The perfect gift! Our resident tunesmiths - Connor and Graham - will write you a tune, and you get to name it. You’ll receive // A hand-written copy of your tune on manuscript paper // A digital copy of the sheet music // A studio-quality, solo recording of your brand new tune.

£250 or more

3 of 5 claimed

// A Genuinely Incredible Donation

As thanks for such a generous donation, you’ll receive // A signed copy of our new album, shipped two weeks before its 2021 launch date // A signed copy of our 2019 release, Drawn From Deep Water // A personal thank-you video // A shout-out on our twitter: @gnossmusic // Your name and a thank-you EMBOSSED on the disc itself.

£900 or more

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// We'll Play A Private Gig In Your House!

A private Gnoss gig in the comfort of your own home! We’ll drive anywhere in the UK to perform for you; you invite whoever you want, we have a grand old time, we drive home. Special stuff. This perk will have to be delivered with social distancing in mind, but if you think it’ll work then so do we! Date to be confirmed.

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