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We aim to tell a peculiar story of a Northern Uni lad, and the life he lives whilst enabling a young crew to build a creative passion.

by CODEC Productions in Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

We are CODEC Productions, a diverse youth led production company made of four 17 - 18 year olds based in MediaCityUK. We each have a very strong passion for the creative industries and have found our heart in film production. We are creating "Girl-Friend" as part of a platform for young, working class people our age to collaborate on a project they can relate to, connect with other young creatives and lay the foundations for the next generation of filmmakers.

'Girl-Friend' is a story about University. The place for studying, partying & falling in love with your best friend’s girlfriend. That’s the case for student Tom Whitehaven anyway. After starting his first year, the pair moved in with his best friend, Richard Spence and his girlfriend, Nell Parker. With the stay only scheduled for a few weeks, nearly 6 months later and Tom is still bunking out in the box room at the back of the flat. However, just like his lengthy stay, Tom didn’t expect to be falling for his friend’s girlfriend. The feelings started as a casual fancy but it didn’t take long before Tom was obsessively thinking about the girl in the room next door.  

The film will have an overarching 'Northern' and slightly 'Industrial' tone to it, to highlight its working class roots. We will be utilising professional industry standard equipment alongside wealths of experience from particular crew members. We will be both Casting & Crewing this project very diversely, allowing equal opportunity to every group of people, predominantly students to provide them with a taste of the industry and film sets.

We hope to take this to film festivals (student and regular) across the UK, allowing each of our young crew members to get an accreditation in a (hopefully) selected festival film.

We will be using the money raised from this campaign towards the remainder of the expenses, we have covered location hire and kit hire - we are just asking for money to cover some crew rates, logistical support, catering costs and festival funding.

If you'd like to view the projects information deck, it can be found here:

Pitch Document

Here's a quick rundown of our team:

Molly // Creative Producer & Output - After performing her whole life, the newest member of CODEC has now taken on the role of marketer and creative producer. Meaning she overlooks the creative projects whilst operating our social media platforms.

Fin // Director & Producer - Having been immersed in the media industry since the age of 12, Fin brings a huge amount of experience. Having Directed/Produced/Edited different projects like ‘Terry’ & ‘The Walk’, he brings a lot of amazing creative ideas to the table - from direction to editing and cinematography.

George // Writer & Creative Director - George is the mind behind CODEC’s projects, such as creating and starring in ‘Terry.’ His passion lies within the writing of scripts, as he specialises in creating new and entertaining concepts.

Ben // Producer & 1st AD - Co-founder and assistant director for CODEC productions, Ben has a critical role in the company. With the role of managing sound on a product, whilst also finding locations and keeping time on set. Playing a key role in both ‘Terry’ & ‘The Walk’ with the Pre-production and filming of both our projects.


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