Voucher FAQs

What are Crowdfunder Vouchers?

The Crowdfunder Christmas voucher gives the gift of giving. You can purchase an online gift voucher and we’ll send it as a gift to a special person who can use it to spend to support any charity or project that is actively fundraising on Crowdfunder. Crowdfunder is the place for bringing ideas to life, whether it’s a campaign for positive change, an early stage business plan, an important community initiative, charitable projects and personal fundraisers. Our platform brings together communities, gives life to startups, builds awareness and support for local and national causes.

How do they work?

Purchase any number of vouchers then tell us the name and the email address of the person to receive the gift,  Add a personal message and we’ll send on the vouchers and your message with clear instructions and links to activate the voucher on Crowdfunder. 

If you would rather the vouchers are sent to yourself so you can email the person directly then simply tick the box to tell us to send everything to you. You will then receive the voucher activation instructions which you can forward when you wish. 

Vouchers are available in nominal values of £10 / £20 / £50 / £70 / £100 / £150 / £200 / £250. You can purchase as many of each value as you wish to send to one nominated person. If you wish to send vouchers to more than one person please purchase again to tell us the new personal details.

Once the voucher has been sent by email, the person receiving the voucher will only need to register on Crowdfunder using their email address and the voucher will be ready to use on projects on Crowdfunder. 

How do I purchase a voucher?

All vouchers are purchased using standard acceptable credit and debit card payment methods. Your bank account reference will show the payment as being made to Crowdfunder UK.  We are not able to inform you, as the purchaser or the voucher, to which project the voucher was pledged, nor are we able to tell you when the voucher was pledged.

How do I access my voucher?

The voucher recipient must register on Crowdfunder to activate the voucher. Once registered, the voucher nominal value is clearly indicated and each project that is selected for support will offer the option to pledge the voucher to the project. Once pledged, the voucher recipient will receive a receipt via email to confirm the voucher has been pledged to the project.

What happens if I spend the voucher on a project that does not meet its target?

If the project to which the voucher has been pledged does not meet its target and needs to refund everyone who supported the project, the voucher recipient will be able to reuse the voucher on another project.

Can the voucher be used on different projects?

Each voucher can be pledged to one project. A voucher cannot be split between projects.

Can I spend the voucher on rewards if offered by a project?

Many active projects on Crowdfunder offer “Rewards” which are offers of certain goods or services in exchange for pledges or donations. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase rewards.

Can I spend the voucher on a project which is looking for match funding?

Some projects are seeking match funding from public bodies, companies and organisations. You can pledge your voucher to a match funding project. However, your voucher will not count towards meeting the criteria to secure the match funding.

How does Gift Aid work if I donate the voucher to a charity project?

Unfortunately gift aid cannot be claimed on the purchase or the pledging of vouchers.

Do fees apply to vouchers?

No fee is payable on the purchase of a voucher. However, Crowdfunder will deduct 5% of the voucher’s amount when the voucher is pledged on a project so the project will receive 95% of the voucher’s amount. 

How long is the voucher valid for?

Vouchers will have a 6 month expiry date from the date they were purchased. If the voucher is unused after 6 months it will be removed from use and pledged to a selected project chosen by the Crowdfunder team. 

Can Crowdfunder cancel vouchers?

Yes but we will only do so in exceptional circumstances, for example if we suspect fraud or criminal activity associated with the purchase or pledging of vouchers.  We will also inform the police and other authorities. 

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for the purchase and use of vouchers can be found here

If you have any further questions about vouchers please email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.