Crowdfunder Voucher Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1.  These Terms govern the purchase and use of vouchers on the Crowdfunder website. Our standard site-wide Terms of Use will also apply.

1.2.  All vouchers issued by Crowdfunder remain the property of Crowdfunder Limited, C-Space, 5-7 The Crescent, Newquay, TR7 1DT.

1.3. “You” refers to the voucher purchaser. 

2. Cancellation of voucher purchases and pledges

2.1. Crowdfunder reserves the right to cancel a voucher or not to fulfil a voucher pledge at its own discretion, in particular if it suspects fraud, criminal activity or a breach of its Terms.  If Crowdfunder cancels a voucher it will refund the transaction in those circumstances.

2.2. Crowdfunder will refer any suspected fraud or criminal activity relating to the purchase or use of vouchers to the police and other relevant authorities.

3. Purchasing vouchers

3.1.  You can purchase vouchers from the Crowdfunder website in a choice of denominations. You can purchase multiple vouchers in different denominations. However, all vouchers purchased in a single transaction will be sent to one email address.

3.2.  The voucher will be sent to the email address specified in the order (Voucher Recipient). 

3.3.  You can cancel all or part of your order for a voucher at any time up to 14 calendar days after the day on which you placed your order, provided the voucher has not been pledged to a project.

3.4.  No fee is charged for the purchase of a voucher. 

4. Use of vouchers

4.1.  As noted above, the terms of use for these vouchers are governed by these Terms as well as Crowdfunder’s standard Terms of Use. 

4.2.  The Voucher Recipient can pledge a voucher to a project on  

4.3.  Crowdfunder may limit the projects to which vouchers can be pledged.

4.4.  To use a voucher, the Voucher Recipient must register on Crowdfunder. 

4.5.  Multiple vouchers can be pledged to one project.

4.6.  A voucher can only be pledged to a single project. The nominal value of a voucher cannot be split between projects.

4.7.  A voucher cannot be used to purchase rewards on a project. 

4.9.  Crowdfunder charges a fee for the pledging of a voucher. The fee is 5% of the voucher value and the fee is automatically deducted from the value of the voucher when the voucher is pledged to a project, so the project receives 95% of the voucher value. 

4.10.  Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or against the purchase of additional vouchers.

5. Gift Aid

5.1.  Gift aid cannot be claimed on the purchase or pledging of vouchers.  

6. Voucher validity

6.1.  Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. 

6.2.  Any unused vouchers will be removed from use and pledged to a project selected by the Crowdfunder team. Crowdfunder has no obligation to remind or inform the purchaser or Voucher Recipient of a voucher’s expiry.

6.3.  A voucher expires automatically once it has been pledged to a project.  However, where the project to which a voucher has been pledged does not meet its funding target, if the terms of the project require a refund to be given to supporters, the Voucher Recipient will receive a voucher for the same value as the value of the voucher they pledged to the project. The Voucher Recipient can pledge the voucher to another project.

7. Lost or stolen vouchers

Crowdfunder has no liability for lost or stolen vouchers. Vouchers should be treated like cash. They will not be replaced if lost, stolen or misplaced.

8. Other

8.1.  Crowdfunder may make changes to these Terms at any time by posting a copy of them on Any subsequent purchase of vouchers or use of vouchers will be governed by the updated Terms. 

8.3.  Where there is a conflict or inconsistency between the Crowdfunder standard Terms of Use and these terms and conditions, the terms and conditions on this page will prevail.