Get Charly and Edd home

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Get Charly and Edd home
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Charly and Edd need our help after a horrid accident. Please support them by getting them home.

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Charly and Edd had a near fatal accident in the Falkland Islands and Charly has been in hospital in Uruguay for the past 4 weeks. For most of that she was in Intensive Care recovering from severe injuries. They are both doing well now and due leave the hospital in a weeks time, but Charly needs to fly business class to cope with her still recovering injuries. Plus Edd, and Charly’s parents have been staying in a hotel opposite the hospital for extra support. They also lost many of their belongings to the storm so the cost of this accident has been very high.

Charly and Edd need to come home, but this is where we need your support.

Below is the full story:

Charlotte and Edd were camping at Cape Dolphin, Falkland Islands when an expected storm hit. They had chosen to pitch their tent in the lee of a shipping container in the countryside when the storm became much worse than forecasted. Shortly after going to bed, Charlotte and Edd decided to get up and set up camp inside the container instead. About an hour later winds of 80-100mph launched the container into the air and flipped and rolled it over flat ground for about 200m.

Charly and Edd were ejected from the container at some point in its flight. Both were unconscious in the storm. When they woke up, Edd found Charly unable to move. Both were now hypothermic and concussed, and Edd had no choice but to carry her back to the dreaded container as there really was no other shelter on the completely flat terrain. Edd ventured back outside to look for their survival kit. Eventually he found it in the dark and was able to perform some basic first aid for hypothermia.

After gathering some rest and warmth and monitoring Charly, Edd knew he had to make the 5mi hike to the nearest settlement. He set off in the dark and made it there with a silver blanket tucked inside his soaking wet clothes. He knocked the door several times to no response. Eventually he had to go inside and wake the residents of the house from their bedrooms.

Once the alarm was raised Charly was flown to King Edward Memorial Hospital Stanley. Charly had damage to her lung and lung lining, she had 5 broken ribs (some broken in several places), lacerations to her liver, a shattered shoulder blade and 3 broken fingers. In SKEMH they performed critical life saving action and then she was immediately flown by RAF to Uruguay Britanico Hospital, known for the best Intensive Care treatment in South America. There they performed a further operation to remove a piece of her lung and put titanium reinforcements on 5 of her ribs. She is recovering well and ready to leave the hospital soon.

This photo is to show how far the container went. From the orange ground sheet to where it is now. 

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