Get Beach Body Ready to Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by The Roaring Girls in Hull, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 28th June 2019 we successfully raised £2,500 with 91 supporters in 28 days

The Roaring Girls are taking their show Beach Body Ready to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and need your help!

by The Roaring Girls in Hull, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

THANK YOU so so much to all of you in helping us reach our target. Your support means the world to us, and we are so excited to take Edinburgh by storm!

Any pledges over £2000 will go to amazing use! We are currently putting together a zine, filled with stories, poems and images from women across the North of England about their own experiences of body image. We are really excited to share this with everyone.

Any moneys raised after this point will go towards commissioning more voices for the zine, to have even more diverse representation. It will also go to making sure that everyone in our Edinburgh audience receives a copy of the Zine, and has this momento to take away with them, to share with friends and keep the conversation going! We will also be hosting the zine online, so that anyone, anywhere can read this and share with their friends/family

About The Show

In 2017, we began the process of creating our show ‘Beach Body Ready’ when three of us (the three fat ones in the company) got jammed in the back of a Ford Fiesta. We began chatting about our weight and how that had affected our self esteem, but had also brought us a lot of joy. (We finally made it out of the car, after a lot of heaving, shuffling, laughing and getting imprints of seatbelt sockets in our bum.) There was a show to be made, so we got cracking.

Beach Body Ready was born. It’s a show about so much more than bodies. 

It’s about us.

Beach Body Ready is a radically joyful show about our bodies. Created in The Roaring Girl’s semi-improvised style,  Beach Body Ready blends impassioned rants with cheesy fitness routines, and  live, informal chats with a beach trip on film, all against  a banging sound track. Using personal experiences, we tackle big subjects in accessible ways; somewhere between theatre and conversation, the heart of the show feels like trashy magazine covers, angry dancing, and confetti. 

Looking at society through the eyes of Instagram followers, edited photographs, and a list of synonyms for breasts as long as your arm, we share our stories in the hope that our audiences will share theirs too. Can we ignore what mainstream media and society tells us? This is a call to arms, a call to self-love, and a warrior cry on behalf of all women to go to the beach.

Beach Body Ready is a show that speaks across generations to achieve the same message – we are human, and we won’t suffer as a result. 

Fierce, feminist, and fun - we want to take our audiences on a journey of joy, self-discovery, and promises to themselves that they’ll want to keep.

Watch the trailer here:

Going to Edinburgh 

We have spent a lot of time developing as a company and developing Beach Body Ready, and now is the right time to share both of those with a wider audience, and where better than the largest international arts festival in the world?

We have gained a lot of support for the making of the show, and going to Edinburgh. We have a fantastic venue at The Pleasance, and are being supported by Pleasance and York Theatre Royal through their Pleasance Pathway Partnership Programme, and are going to Edinburgh as part of the Hull Takeover with Absolutely Cultured, Hull Truck Theatre, Back To Ours and Middle Child, where a number of companies will be showcasing the best of what Hull is making. 

Being in Edinburgh will provide us with so many experiences! It will be our longest run to date, our largest potential audiences, the chance to meet artists we would not otherwise have the opportunity to connect with, show our work to national and international programmers and producers, and get reviews from national press. This is an unmissable opportunity for The Roaring Girls to take the world by storm!

SO…How can you help?

We have been raising money for Edinburgh for 12 months, and we are at the final push, where we would really appreciate your support! We need £2000, which will help put fuel into the van, give us a place to sleep for the month and also provide three captioned performances, to help Beach Body Ready be more accessible for wider audiences. 

Any amount of money that you can donate will go a really long way in helping us achieve a successful run at Edinburgh, and we have some really exciting rewards below to go alongside the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get by supporting us, including some of our snazzy tote bags and badges!


Going to Edinburgh Festival Fringe is without a doubt, one of the riskiest ventures a theatre company can take, and we are putting every effort in place to minimise and mitigate these, but it is also where we feel that we can stand out and achieve fantastic things!

With the help of Absolutely Cultured, The Pleasance, Hull Truck Theatre, York Theatre Royal, Back To Ours and Middle Child, we have the support and knowledge to ensure that Edinburgh is successful, and that we can make the most out of this amazing opportunity. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and helping us achieve our goals!


The Roaring Girls 



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