Get Along Launch

Project by kirakenley

To hold an event to launch my debut album 'Get Along', remunerating all the musicians involved and to have a professional video of the show recorded.

We did it!

On 20th Jun 2013 we successfully raised £3,081 of £3,000 target with 40 supporters in 30 days


Three years ago a number of songs were born on a beautiful upright piano called Grace and then as if by magic, just when they were ready to be recorded the producer arrived and ‘Get Along’ was born.

Initially a collection of 12 songs, just when the album was about to be mixed and mastered a 13th arrived and then the album was complete. Get Along is an album all about relationship and it follows a particular order as it moves through the various relationships that are encountered in a life; the relationship with oneself, that with nature, people, memories, the place I call home, dreams, the present moment… all the way to the final relationship, the one that keeps everything turning, that between the sun and the moon.

And so ‘Get Along’ was released independently through CD Baby on 5th April of this year, an important date because it was the birthday of the person who went through the pain and effort neccesary to bring me into this world. My mother is no longer alive but this date seemed like a fitting way to celebrate the memory of one of the most significant relationships of my life.

Now my wish is to throw a party to launch this album and to perform it from beginning to end with the help of many of the amazing musicians who have been involved in the process of bringing the recording into existence. I would also like to give two other original artists the opportunity to perform and to make sure that everyone gets paid for their efforts.

Unfortunately, a lot of original artists are expected to play their music for no financial remuneration despite the fact that they invest their time, energy and money just like they would in any profession. This is a problem and means that a lot of musicians are on the breadline and this can often drive them away from what they were designed to do which is such a shame.

From a personal viewpoint having only last year finally left a non-music job to pursue my passion, I have lived with the consequences of being in the wrong professional place. Therefore, keeping people doing what they love doing is a cause close to my heart. So, I am committed to paying the musicians I work with and I am so grateful to have found ‘Crowdfunder’ which could potentially help me to find a way to do this at this stage of my professional music career.

As well as paying everyone on the night, I would also like to record and press a video of the show and this will be offered as part of the rewards. Finally, the proposed launch party date is Saturday 20th July and will take place in The Windmill in Cricklewood.

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for making this possible!

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