Get a SeaBin for Bristol Harbour side

by Seabin for Bristol Campaign in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Get a SeaBin for Bristol Harbour side
We did it
On 22nd March 2018 we successfully raised £6,049 with 399 supporters in 28 days

Raise enough money to get Bristols first Seabin for the Harbourside. Help the fight in cleaning up the water and removing rubbish!

by Seabin for Bristol Campaign in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


Absolutely amazing news... our £3000 target has been smashed :)

The funds are now committed for purchasing Bristol's first ever Seabin, wooo!

With 21 days left to go on this campaign, and how quickly we have reached the funding, at this point it would be a missed opportunity not to push for more Seabins and make an even larger impact!

The purchase of a single Seabin was just the first step...

We are now raising the funds towards the waste management system that will support our first Seabin as well as a second one! 

The waste management system will take care of all the rubbish, plastic and oils collected and allow us to scale up more Seabins and effectively manage them all year round...

It has been a humbling experience to see so many people get behind the project and the amount of support we have received so far in all it's forms has been fantastic! A true representation of Bristol's sense of community and character! 

Let's keep up the momentum to make a huge difference in the fight against rubbish and making the harbourside a cleaner more rubbish free place for all of us and the wildlife to enjoy! 

Thanks again everyone lots of love from John, Pete, Chris, Helena & Margot the dog -Seabin for Bristol Campaign.

Our harbourside is plagued with rubbish, plastic and pollutants. 

It's an area of the city that we all love and enjoy spending time. The Bristol Seabin Project wants to add to the clean up efforts by raising enough money for our first Seabin!

It can catch;

90,000 plastic bags/pieces of debris a year

an estimated 1.5 Kgs of floating debris per day (depending on weather and debris volumes)

microplastics up to 2 mm small!


We can join leading examples around the world by using them to help tackle environmental issues. More info on the Seabins and their website links listed below.

Our first Seabin would only cost around £3000! 

We have the support from both the Harbour Master and Bristol City Council.

Your donation will help make a difference to our harbour by reducing the amount of plastic finding its way into the Avon and out to sea.


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