Gender Equity In Cities

To facilitate a conference and build a pavilion for our theme: 'Gender Equity in Cities' for London Design Festival + the Brixton community

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:55am 20th August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:55am 20th August 2018

We are 3°09, design collective and our aim is to facilitate a  conference and pavilion surrounding our theme: 'Gender Equity in Cities' for London Design Festival and Brixton Design Trail in September (15th-23rd)!

We believe in social cohesion and inclusivity in the built environment and as a catalyst towards change we also believe that communities are not being included in the conversation. 

Historically, our cities have been designed by men. But how can we make our cities more inclusive? And how can we encourage the next generation to consider each and every individual when designing and planning local and global communities?

Why us? Why now?

3°09 is a young design collective interested in being facilitators  of social change in the built environment. We work in fields of architecture, landscape, photography, tech, graphic design and engineering and we believe and encourage young people to engage in their environments through workshops, events and temporary perspectives. 

We identify the problems within the built environment and our aims are to tackle them through social agency and accountability. Our cities are becoming more segregated and certain groups are becoming more marginalised. In order to challenge our past we must also challenge our present and future. This cannot be done without starting a conversation.

Conference: Gender Equity In Cities

Spread over the week during London Design Festival, our conference and pavilion will be located at St. Matthews Park in Brixton. Alongside the local community, we'll be partnering with workshop facilitators, organisations and built environment specialists to orchestrate panels based on our theme. Creating a space for discussions, debates, workshops and exciting activities for all ages will provide the connection we need to make sure our communities are able to participate and engage with their environments now and in the future. We're providing more accessibility for Brixton and the wider community.


Collaborating with Resolve Collective, we'll be designing a pavilion that will house activities during the week enabling us to reach the community from a visual design perspective and also with young people, as they design murals. The aim is to provide young people the opportunity to work with design facilitators and create a project that will benefit the community and also empower them. 

Where is the money going?

The funding  will support the materials used for the pavilion, travel expenses for speakers, conference equipment, local food caterers and promotion

Location: The project will be at St Matthews, Brixton. 

Documentation: Through the month of September, we'll be initiating Social Takeovers with design firms, 

After the project, we'll be detailing our work on our website, through our collaborators and magazine outlets. 


Follow us: @3pointohnine

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