Granite City Talent Show 2 (Online)

by Granite City Talent Show in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Support the talented Aberdonians through the online GCT show! Airing online in January!

by Granite City Talent Show in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

It has been very hard to stay connected with the Aberdeen community due to lockdown. Seeing people regularly and supporting them seemed so much easier and we took it for granted.

Together with a friend we decided to start an online talent show to engage more with the community and spread positivity throughout. People make Aberdeen and we really believe that so losing the ability to interact as usual had us scratching our heads as to how we can achieve that with our current constraints. Somehow, a talent show came to our minds. 

So we invested some money, called up some friends with businesses and organised Granite City Talent Show 1. We worked so hard on it for a few months and put all our energy into making it a success, to regain that community feeling. It demonstrated just how many talented individuals are nearby. We were blown away.

Now we are organising a second season and want to give a little bit more back to the contestants and the judges, and also us, the "producers". Sponsors are far and few now due to the circumstances but we thought, hey, maybe the community would like to get more involved. 

Any amount you can give will make us super happy! We will give 10% of however much we get to the Mind charity that offers free mental health support online.

We set some milestones:

1st Goal is £110- increase contestants fund to 200 pounds for the winner
2nd goal is £660- above plus £200 per judge
3rd goal is £1100- above plus £250 for producers
4th goal is £3300- above plus pay the producers
5th goal is £5500- above and start fund for GCT 3


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