Help Gateway get to GDC 2018; space open world MMO

by Theo Priestley in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help Gateway get to GDC 2018; space open world MMO
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Gateway is a new sandbox open world space MMORPG. We are aiming to develop a demo and trailer for GDC 2018 and need your help.

by Theo Priestley in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Read more about Gateway and our ambitions here in this interview.

Dopamine Games is currently working on a new concept MMO; described as a blend of Eve Online, Elite Dangerous and Skyrim, "Gateway" is set in a brand new galaxy and will give players the freedom to do what they like, whilst creating an ever evolving galaxy of content to keep players engaged.

We are working with a number of Universities and organisations to make this a reality;

  • St Andrews University space and scientific research to create an entire galaxy environment from scratch that's accurate down to the last moon
  • Heriot Watt University to help us research and create a new narrative AI engine that will continually generate missions and storylines based on players interactions throughout the galaxy
  • Icarus Interstellar, an international deep space research group to design exciting and exotic ways to travel the galaxy
  • Another UK university with a games degree course to engage their students in the project

By working with universities we intend to give back parts of the IP, for example the galaxy environment which can be used as a visual engine for academia and schools in science departments for research purposes.

What we need now is the capital to thread everything together and develop a demo and trailer for GDC 2018, the intention is to showcase Gateway to investors for a serious investment round to hire and develop the game for the following 12 months after the event.

The pictures included here are part of the concept artwork for the game as it stands, we are creating a living galaxy, not a sterile one you find in games of this type right now.

Help us achieve this.

You are free to donate however much you want to, and all donators will be mentioned in the credits at the end of the trailer as a Thank You. As this is early stage we are not doing Pledges, they will be reserved for a larger campaign at a later date but all backers will be notified when this happens and we will create a special Pledge for everyone who has contributed here.

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