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Let's stick together

Helping vulnerable communities during the coronavirus crisis

Crowdfunder is making it 100% free for social enterprises that turn to Crowdfunder during the crisis

We've always worked with communities across the UK during difficult times and the rapidly developing challenges presented by the spread of the coronavirus is no different. 

The Covid-19 epidemic could affect millions of people but together, we're stronger.

Volunteer groups are springing up to tackle the logistical problems faced in our communities – but they need urgent support.

Charities are dealing with the double whammy of reduced donations combined with an increased strain on their resources.

Businesses are 'paying it forward', generating advanced sales of goods and services to ease their immediate cash flow issues.

So we're here to play our part in the response with 100% fee-free fundraising to everyone on the ground.

Let's look after each other. Let's make a difference together.

How it works


Step 1

First off, give your idea a clear name to capture attention


Step 2

Tell your community what you're going to do to help on your page


Step 3

Can you offer any rewards or are you simply asking for donations?


Step 4

Next add your payment details so that you can receive the money you need


Step 5

Now spread the word. Rally your supporters behind your business


Step 6

We're all in this together so share Crowdfunder with other businesses

Get inspired

Creative professionals are turning to Crowdfunder to pay it forward

Resources for businesses looking to crowdfund


Download our expert guide to Pay It Forward

In this time of crisis, we’re offering 100% free fundraising for your business along with support from Enterprise Nation. Crowdfunder are providing the tech and tools for small UK businesses to pre-sell their meals, events, hotel bookings or whatever for cash now on a promise people can redeem the services at a later date. 

In partnership, Enterprise Nation will provide access to free training and support for business, to help with online sales, marketing, cashflow, and diversifying, if necessary.


Join our experts for Accelerator on Facebook

Hosted on Facebook by our team of industry-leading experts, this intensive programme will feature live discussions, peer-to-peer feedback, advice from the Crowdfunder team and the chance to test out your project before it goes live.

This group has been quickly brought together in the wake of the crisis and is a place for discussion, collaboration and sharing ideas. We can all come together and support each other - it might just get us all through this.

Need some help setting up? Let us know and we'll be right back in touch with all the support you need. 

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Coronavirus support by the Real Ideas Organisation

The Real Ideas Organisation is in the business of solving problems and creating opportunities. 

Now more than ever as we all navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times, sharing their work with anyone who needs it feels important.

They're able to offer free online support for both businesses and families to help social enterprises through this challenging time.

From booking in one-to-one sessions with one of their expert team, to online webinars and training to support your business. Or some fun things to keep the kids busy while you work – they're on hand to help.

Free support from the Real Ideas Organisation

How a social enterprise is working in their local area

In response to the coronavirus emergency, a social enterprise called Made In Hackney has paused its community cookery classes to launch a temporary direct-to-door, free meal delivery service for our communities most vulnerable members.

To date they have raised almost £50,000, thanks to over 1,200 supporters, to help vulnerable people during the crisis in east London.

Watch their short video about what they've learned through their successful crowdfunder and the useful tips they have to set up one up in your community.

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A community response to coronavirus with crowdfunding

We're working with communities to look after the most vulnerable in our society.