Friends of Ellesmere Cricket Club - Mower Needed

by Ellesmere Cricket Club in Ellesmere, England, United Kingdom


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Friends of ECC we need YOUR help as we are looking to raise £10,000 to purchase a new mower for the club. COVID has impacted our fundraising

by Ellesmere Cricket Club in Ellesmere, England, United Kingdom


Ellesmere Cricket Club (ECC) is a vibrant growing club located in the heartbeat of our rural community.

ECC was formed in 1858 and is the one of the oldest but most forward thinking clubs in Shropshire. Our Ground is one of the most picturesque & idyllic in the county, being flanked by both the Shropshire Union Canal & rolling countryside.


The Club currently supports two senior sides in the Shropshire County Cricket League. In 2019 ECC launched a Ladies Team. Our members are of all ages and our woman’s and junior sections have significantly grown over recent time.

Due to our rural location, the local community rely on the opportunities the club offers, not just from on the field but off the field too. Our non playing members is significant and we continue to offer all the community opportunities to attend events and games throughout the year.


Over the years this has included, Race Nights, Charity Days, Line Dancing, Presidents Day to name a few



Living in a rural community we have limited opportunities to participate in sport and the cricket club has provided opportunities to so many over the years. Our current membership is in excess of 100.

Starting from our Youngest All Star members, all the way through to our more elderly members we are a local rural cricket club that is part of so many locals life. 

Check out the pictures below of our membership




Check out this video to see what life is like at Ellesmere Cricket Club and how it plays such an integral role for the local community:



The cricket club is located in an area that has been damaged on 4 different occasions over the last 10 years when there has been localised flooding. In 2019 the cricket clubs outfield was seriously damaged and the equipment used to prepare the outfield was unable to cope with the constant “soaked outfield”. 

To prepare for games the outfield has to go through considerable drainage including soak ways and local farmers pumping the water from the playing area. 

All this extra expense due to the flooding continues to place significant financial constraints on the club. Recently the mower we possess (which is over 18 years old) has broken due to the continued strain it is placed under to deal with the wet area.

For the last 5 years the mower has had to be repaired 12 times due to it continually breaking due to the impact of the water on the outfield and being unable to cope with the wet grass. 

Unfortunately this year it has now reached a stage where it is past repair and we need to seek funding for a mower that is better equipped to cope with the area in which the club is positioned. 

See below how the flooding impacts the ground. 


 Due to Covid we haven’t been able to run our normal fundraising events this year to assist with purchasing of equipment to combat these issues as our bar hasn’t been fully open and we have been unable to hold social events due to social distancing rules.

Help Us Raise Funds For A New Mower

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating effect on the club’s ability to raise funds in the way it is accustomed, with limited club cricket being played, and our clubhouse closed, we are unable to generate sufficient income. Several additional routes, such as Local Grants are ongoing but do not come close the amount required to ensure the club survives and replace the equipment that  has been damaged during the local floods

New and innovative ways to generate funds for the club need to be sought, not only to secure its financial future but to develop cricket, improve facilities going forward and the survival of the game at club level.  As a solely volunteer run non-profit making organisation, all funds raised are invested back into the Club and the local community. 

Our main fundraising drive for year is to replace this OLD MOWER


With this NEW MOWER


Without a mower the club cant’t operate and Rob our heads groundsman cant have enjoyable days like this doing what he enjoys best ... 

 If we can raise 50% of the target £10,000 through a minimum of 50 donations we may qualify for extra funding through Sports England who could provide us with the other 50%. Therefore any donation you can make will be greatly received.


A huge success for 2020 has been our newly formed woman’s section. Our aim is to grow this section further as we’ve seen first hand how many local woman have benefitted from this new opportunity to play cricket.

 Isolation and loneliness is a challenge rural communities face each year - this year with Covid many have experienced how it feels to be isolated. Covid has significantly impacted our local community as members of the club have had reduced contact time with each other and the club which provides the HUB for so many has been limited.

The cricket club provides opportunities for our rural community to play a game they enjoy and also provide wonderful opportunities for locals to socialise and enjoy the atmosphere and experience the Bar and Social events offer.

 Any additional funding raised would go towards our woman's section. The last 18 months has seen this membership grow to over 40 and with the limited cricket we could play this year we were able to send 2 teams to the local Shropshire Woman's Softball festival. 


Our men’s  teams continue to thrive and our local club provides a great facility for players and locals to use the clubhouse throughout the season.

Without a mower we can’t play cricket, without cricket so many local people in our rural community will be impacted.


At a time when we have all been impacted due to Covid, our rural community rely on the opportunities the cricket club offers now more than ever. 

 In normal years we would be hosting these types of events…….


This year we haven’t been able to and this has significantly dented the clubs finances. We continually reinvest into the clubs equipment and ground and without finding extra funding this year we will struggle with providing probably one of the most important pieces of equipment a cricket club needs – A MOWER

Our committee are currently researching a range of ways to secure additional funding for the vital equipment we need to run the club, including sponsorship from local businesses, such as Red Lion and applying for extra funding through the Oswestry Sports Forum who have supported purchasing site screens that were damaged in the floods and storms in the last 12 months.


“Help us to raise vital funds to rescue our club and we will provide enjoyable cricket and a community venue for the rural community of Ellesmere”

Friends of Ellesmere Cricket Club please help us. Any pledge you can make would be greatly received and reinvested back into the club for the benefit of all.

We are making available a few fun and interesting REWARDS for those that donate so be sure to check out the Rewards page.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Let's make 'Friends of Ellesmere Cricket Club - Mower Needed' happen

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