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What we need - £25,000 (and more!).

What we'll use it for - Training and equipping our army of vital volunteers and putting on the 2014 LGBT+ Pride In London Parade.

Why we need it - It costs over £70,000 to put on the Parade each year and corporate sponsorship is harder to source each year. Your support will help keep the LGBT+ Pride In London Parade going!

LBGT+ Pride in London Week is one of the only major events of it's kind in the UK that is still free and in 2013 over 650,000 people took part in Pride in London’s Saturday celebration making it now the Capital's second largest one day event – yes, IT’S MASSIVE!

The Pride In London Parade is the main event on the Saturday. It travels through central London, stretches for over 2 kilometres and has over 20,000 participants. It also features all of our supporters from the Armed Services to Small LBGT+ Community organisations. Why not take a look at last year’s parade here?

The parade epitomises the message of Pride and is at the heart of the celebration but it takes a lot of investment from a dedicated army of volunteers and supporters to make it all happen. The parade costs over £70,000 in planning, safety, security and stewarding. That's 10% of the overall budget for the whole week.

Pride in London, the new organisation behind Pride Week from 2013, is giving you the opportunity to help keep this amazing show running. You have the #FreedomTo grab your own Pride Package and Support, Shine, Strut, Sparkle, Star, Shout or Schmooze. This is a unique chance to show your support for Pride and keep the celebrations going. As an added bonus for your generosity, all Pride Packages include special thank you rewards.

The size of your package is down to you. The more you give, the bigger your package.

In the UK you have the #FreedomTo be who you are and are part of an LGBT+ community that is celebrated. You also have the #FreedomTo attend events that show the world how united we really are becoming as a community, let's keep this message strong.

The goal of this campaign is to keep the Pride in London Parade going. You can really make a difference by investing in a Pride Packages or by making a donation of any amount!

Click the donate button today and don’t forget to SHARE the love on social media, #FreedomTo.

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