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by Flight Free UK in Ware, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st July 2021 we successfully raised £21,587 with 239 supporters in 30 days

We have inspired many thousands of people to take a year off flying. With your help we can inspire many thousands more!

by Flight Free UK in Ware, England, United Kingdom

Flight Free UK launched in 2019 to inspire people to reduce their emissions by taking a flight free year

Since then over 10,000 people have signed our pledge, and many more have been inspired to reduce the amount they fly as a result of the campaign.

Our mission is for more people to choose to take a flight free year, as we increase people’s knowledge of the climate impact of aviation and inspire climate-friendly travel. Instead of saying people should never fly again, we challenge them to change their habits for one year. Our results show that once people have tried a flight free year, they are more likely to make low-carbon travel choices in the future. 

As more and more people join our campaign, we can inspire a mass movement away from air travel as the default choice. And for those who are further along in their flight free journey, we have the option to pledge to be flight free for life.

Our method of behaviour change works

We have received hundreds of testimonials from people who have been inspired to cut down the amount they fly as a result of our pledge. These testimonials are a powerful indication of the potential for our campaign to create change.

Josh says, “When I first challenged myself to go a year without flying, I expected the worst year of my life. Instead, it’s led to more time with family, more community, more savings, more adventure and more connection with other cultures instead of polluting them.”

Becca says, “I have always tried to live environmentally but hadn’t fully considered the impact of flying before. Flight Free UK has inspired me to pledge to be flight free for life.”


We have established ourselves as a trusted voice on aviation 

Our director Anna has become an in-demand speaker and commentator, giving evidence to the Scottish Climate Assembly and frequently being quoted in national newspapers. Voices like ours are vital to inform the public, challenge policy makers and to counter the sustainability claims of the aviation industry.

Our campaign has changed because of Covid

It is difficult to ask people not to fly when planes are not taking off anyway. Our inspirational stories of low-carbon travel are less relevant when travel of any kind is not happening. However, there are some positives. Being forced to stay grounded means that people have discovered the joy of travelling closer to home. Emissions have dropped and air quality has improved as a result of flying and driving less. As things slowly move back to 'normal', our climate message is needed more than ever, so people will choose not to fly when the choice returns.

We know that it will take more than individual pledges to solve the climate crisis 

That is why we work with other organisations who focus on taxation, government policy and airport expansion. We use individual action to influence system change. The more we can show that people are willing to change their behaviour, the stronger our voice when lobbying government and industry to make low-carbon travel the obvious and accessible choice.

Our campaign addresses the inequality of the climate crisis

Here in the UK, we are very privileged to be able to access air travel in the first place. Less than 10% of the global population has ever set foot on a plane, and only around half of all Brits fly in any given year. Yet the negative impacts of aviation, such as climate change, noise pollution and air pollution, are felt by everyone. Around the globe, the people who are suffering the worst from the climate crisis are the least likely to have caused it.


Your donation will help fund our Flight Free 2022 campaign

Reaching our funding target will, most importantly, enable us to keep our campaign running for another year. Together with other funding sources, it will also help us expand our team, so we can reach even more people with our climate message. 

Most people still don't know the impact of their flights. We can change that. 

How your money can help:

£500 would fund a set of infographics to inform people of the climate impact of aviation

£800 would fund a set of stock images for our publicity

£1,200 will allow us to hold a full programme of public events

£1,700 will keep us online for another year

£11,000 will help us to employ our amazing social media officer for another year!

Reaching our target of £25,000 will allow us to do all this and more.

Any amount you give, no matter how big or small, will help us communicate our vital message with more people.

Become a regular donor

If you would like to set up a regular payment to Flight Free UK, please email us for details.

Become a benefactor

Individuals who give more than £2000 can be listed on our website as benefactors of our campaign (though you can of course remain anonymous if you wish). Please email us if you are interested in becoming a benefactor of Flight Free UK. 

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