Fund the Fleet

After having a great success with various fund raising and direct donations,  we have raised enough money to have 64 wrapped taxis.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


After having a great sucess with various fund raising and direct donations, we have raised enough money to have 64 wrapped taxis, including one in Belfast with our campaign message #DontSellTheSun.


Our aim is to wrap as many cabs, in as many cities as possible, we hope you will join in a worthy cause, to spread the message further and faster, to every city in the nation.

The message is clear #SunNotWelcomeHere 

If you would like to sponsor a full cab and rear window with your company name on it, please contact us 

We also need taxi drivers in all cities to have their ride wrapped in pride, if you are interested, please email 

Other ways you can support and spread awareness is to buy our stickers

If you are based in liverpool there are several points where you can get our stickers and posters from Total Eclipse of The S*n Collection Point Map

If you are not based in Liverpool you purchase these through our ebay shop here 

Don't forget you can also download any of our images from Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to spread awareness.

Join our group here : Follow us on twitter here : or like our page here

Please tag us into any pictures you take.  We are all in this together, United we will have a #totaleclipseofthesun