Flat 36 - Comedy Web Series

by Flat 36 in London, England, United Kingdom

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Production & Post-Production of Flat 36 - Season 1

by Flat 36 in London, England, United Kingdom

Dear potential investors,

We are a bunch of creative professionals who happened to get involved with the healthcare business. I know that sounds weird but give me a chance to explain.

My name is Eleni, I am a professional actress who, like everyone wanting to survive in London, needs a full time job. Since March 2017 I have been working at Firza Limited as an Office Manager. Firza is a pharmaceutical services company that works with pharmacies and GP surgeries. Firza is owned by Asim Mirza who happens to be, although a pharmacist,  a very creative human being.

Working at Firza made me realise that there is a very big gap in the market when it comes to informative healthcare content that the general public can understand. So, I decided to find a way to put the two together. Still confused? So was everyone I pitched it to at the beginning.

After long hours of brainstorming I came up with the idea of creating a Comedy Web Series  called Flat 36. It's about three young professionals living together in London. We follow their everyday lives, their ups and downs and the circumstances they face due to their different personalities and backgrounds. Through them, we see how different people decide to treat their health and body and we learn a bit more about healthcare and health in general.

Firza Limited and Asim loved the idea and decided to help fund the project. However, the budget they can offer is limited especially because it is really important to us to involve professionals only and keep the quality high. After months of hard work and preparation we filmed our 10 minute December Pilot episode which unfortunately was not released. This was largely due to technical problems stemming from our limited funds. It was one of the best mistakes we could have made.  This has helped us develop the idea and make it even better! 

Because everything happens for a reason, we had the opportunity to re-shoot our pilot and combine it with, what was going to be, our official first episode to create a 20 minute pilot instead. 

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Mark Edwards for believing in this project and investing further towards the creation of our pilot which was released on the 26th January.


Our first episode will be filmed at the beginning of March and released on the last Friday of that month. To be able to keep up the hard work and the high quality, we are kindly asking for your help and contribution towards the first season for our project.

Cost Breakdown of Season 1 (total): 

The cost includes the following:

  • Camera - sound equipment
  • Camera and sound crew
  • Location cost
  • Travel and food expenses on set
  • Editing cost
  • Animation
  • Music and sound production
  • Music and sound editing
  • Actor's fees
  • Voiceover actor

Because of how things have started to fall into place and the turn that they are taking we decided to form our company 3Key Productions Ltd. 3Key Productions Ltd is a start up Film, TV and Web Series Productions Company that was formed by a group of actors who's initial goal was to create more work for themselves. But although no one was expecting it, a single project turned into a Productions Company. Our aim now is to use the company as a platform to help other creatives raise their profiles. 

Please visit our website and social media channels, to find out more about the team of actors and creatives (links can be found below) and check out our Pilot episode on our YouTube channel! If you enjoy it don't forget to subscribe, share and like!

Thank you very much in advance,

Kind regards,



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more


Special thank you message in the web series closing credits

£50 or more


Personalized T-shirt with our logo and thank you message as well as special thanks in the closing credits

£100 or more


Join us for the filming of the next episode, personliased t-shirt and special thanks in closing credits

£200 or more


Be part of our team for a day and showcase your inner start by being in front of the camera as an extra!

£500 or more


Thank you! Your name will be credited as Executive Producer of the episode! You will also receive : -a chance to visit the set, -a crew t-shirt with a special note.

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