Feeling the pain of bullying

Project by Actionwork
Feeling the pain of bullying

To raise awareness of bullying and help young people who have suffered from bullying by building confidence through sport and creativity.

We did it!

On 14th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £296 with 10 supporters in 35 days

The CEO of Actionwork will simulate some of the pain that people who suffer bullying feel by running the UK's toughest 100 mile ultra marathon non-stop. Called the Arc of Attrition, competitors must complete the 100 miles within the 36-hour cut off.

Yes he is running over half a million feet for the half a million young people who get bullied in the UK every week.

The more you pledge the faster he will run and the more pain he will experience.

Full details about the event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/652858378171859.

Please help us deal creatively with bullying by pledging your support.

The money received on this project will be used to help renovate our creative anti-bullying space. We need a new roof, floor, insulation, ceiling, plastering and heating. We also need to give it a good paint. Once this has been done it will be ready to run creative anti-bullying sessions, counselling with people who have been bullied and a safe place for vulnerable adults and children to play, train and help become more empowered.

Our total budget to finish the project is £38,000. We tried to raise this in one lump but were unsuccessful so we are now splitting the jobs up in to stages. The first stage is to fix the leaking roof. Any money raised on this project will go towards sealing the roof and then drying out the space ready for stage 2.

Thank you.

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