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Through our films, we aim to expose the true costs of cheap meat from factory farms, to inspire people to only buy high animal welfare meat

We did it!

On 21st May 2018 we successfully raised £10,198 of £10,000 target with 172 supporters in 55 days

New stretch target

Thank you! We did it! 

We have achieved our initial target and can now move forward with producing our new films to change consumers shopping habits. With the new stretch target, we'll set about spreading our message to even more people. 

For every £1 above our goal, we can reach an additional 520 people with our message. Doing this will ensure the largest number of possible people hear our message and only chose pork with a high animal welfare label. 


To help close factory farms, we are making more short films to expose the true cost of animal factories and urge people to only buy pork with a high animal welfare label.  

Who Are We? Farms Not Factories is a small not-for-profit organisation that works through campaigns and films to expose the true costs of cheap meat from factory farms and thereby inspire people to only buy meat from high-welfare farms. 

What Do We Want To Achieve? We want to change the fact that  75% of the pork eaten in the UK comes from pigs raised in factory farms. 57% of the pork eaten in the UK is imported from countries which raise pigs in cruel conditions that are illegal in the UK, out-competing British farmers and destroying local livelihoods.

How Are We Going To Make This Change? 

1. The Great And The Good: Due to the overwhelming success of our previous series #TurnYourNoseUp (over 6 million reached) we plan to make a similar series with more celebrities e.g. Bruce Parry and many others. 

2. Rooting for Real Farms: For this series (over 1 million reached) we plan to make more videos with chefs and the farmers that supply their high welfare pork. Celebrity chefs, Thomasina Miers founder of Wahaca and Skye Gyngell head chef of Spring Restaurant are among many that will take part.

3. Pester Pig:  A series of films in which an indignant pig wreaks revenge on people who thoughtlessly chose pork from animal factories. See below our Pester Pig pilot which reached 62,000 views. 

Factory farming animals carries five heavy costs:

1. Cruelty to animals through confinement, mutilation, exploitation, neglect and denial of natural behaviours.

 2. To prevent disease spreading in the stressful overcrowded conditions, pigs are given routine doses of antibiotics. The toxic brew of bacteria and antibiotics is a fertile breeding ground for antimicrobial resistance - superbugs - that pass from pigs to humans. This reckless use of antibiotics is bringing us closer to a post-antibiotic era where once again people will die from common infections and minor injuries and operations.

3. The waste that comes from factory farms contaminates the air and water, sickening local residents, harming wildlife and polluting watercourses, rivers and the seas. 


4. In order to compete globally, farms are increasingly concentrated into the hands of giant tax-dodging multinational corporations, undermining small-scale, ethical and sustainable farmers. 

5. Much of the feed for pigs in factory farms is genetically modified soya grown on deforested Rainforest and Cerrado in South America. The soya is doused with toxic pesticides that poison local people, water and wildlife. Grains fed to pigs replace land that could grow food for people.

Factory farming of any species is wrong. Our focus on pigs is designed to bring light onto an issue about which there is insufficient public awareness. We use our specific expertise developed from years of film-making, research and campaigning to produce films which promote and support the growing movement against factory farms and toward small-scale ethical pig farms. 

What will the money be used for? The money will fund production costs, as well as paid-promotion of the films on social media to reach over our 7 million viewer target.  

The Rewards

-  Your name on our website to thank you for your donation and support.

£10 - Two A4 sheets of 35 Farms Not Factories stickers, and a thank you on our website for your support.

For a pledge of £25 - you will be rewarded with a 25% Discount VOUCHER for spends over £40 with our exclusive supporting farms, where you can buy tasty high welfare pork. 

Porcus - A small farm nestling on the moors above the incredible food town of Todmorden ''Incredible Edible'' in the South Pennines. The traditional rare breed pigs are raised outdoors to the highest welfare standards.  

Green Pasture Farms - A collective of traditional family farms in the North Lancashire area of Pendle. Every pig is reared ethically, fed its natural diet, and allowed to roam freely in the green pastures of Pendle.

For £25 - A #TurnYourNoseUp at Pig Factories T-shirt (Large Size Only), or for donations of £35 - Limited edition Moral Outrage tote bag designed by Vivienne Westwood. 

For £50 - Limited edition Moral Outrage square-cut T-shirt designed by Vivienne Westwood. Size guide here.  

£70 - The above T-shirts signed by one of our supporting celebrities. Size guide here.

Choose from one of the following: Dominic West (Lx6 & Mx9)- Jeremy Irons (Lx2 & Mx5)- Miranda Richardson (Lx1)- Mark Hix (Mx2)- Sadie Frost (Lx5 & Mx3)- Simon King (Lx5 & Mx3)- Leslie Ash (Lx5 & Mx2).

For £80 you will be rewarded with a £25.00 gift voucher from Farm Drop, an online food delivery company that distributes healthy, high-welfare and organic foods from local farmers and fishermen to consumers. The company provides farm-to-table foods and fresh fish for consumers in the London, Bristol and Bath areas. 

£100 - Luxury high welfare meat hampers from one of our supporting farms:

Porcus - A high welfare sausage hamper of 5 different kinds of yummy sausages including;  Pork Pancetta and Parmigiano Sausages and a pack of dry cured back bacon. Delivered to anywhere in mainland UK. 

Green Pasture Farms - A pasture pork selection box including;  a Roasting Joint, Diced Meat, Minced Meat,  Steaks or chops, Butcher's Cuts and Spare Ribs. Delivered to England and Wales and most areas of Scotland. 

For £110 get a one of a kind gold or sliver Moral Outrage tote bag designed by Vivienne Westwood.


£150 - An A3 print of one of our 12 celebrity supporters holding a pig. All photos were taken by world famous photographer Clive Arrowsmith. Lambda print on satin-finish medium weight paper. These prints are unsigned and not limited editions (Choose from Helen McCrory, Dominic West, Miranda Richardson, Rupert Everett, Leslie Ash, Sadie Frost, Richard E Grant or Jon Snow).


£200 - Bespoke handmade pink, pig-themed, wool felt hat from Stephen Jones OBE, a leading British milliner based in London who is considered one of the world's most radical and important milliners of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He is also one of the most prolific, having created hats for the catwalk shows of many leading couturiers and fashion designers, such as John Galliano at Dior and Vivienne Westwood.

£250 - An A3 black framed print of one of our 12 celebrity supporters holding a pig (choose from Helen McCrory, Leslie Ash, Sadie Frost, Richard E Grant, Dominic West, Mardana Richardson, Rupert Everett or Jon Snow).  All photos were taken by world famous photographer Clive Arrowsmith. Lambda print on satin finish medium weight paper.

£400 - An exclusive Mini-Break for 3/4 nights, for 2-4 people (3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children).  You will have the chance to stay in the quaint (3 star) Red Squirrel Cottage (subject to availability), with Kirkwood Real Farm Holidays in Lockerbie, the heart of South Scotland, a beautiful, unspoiled, lowland area with rolling hills, oak woods and lush pastures. Real Farm Holidays is partnering up with Farms Not Factories to provide a real farming experience, encompassing the natural beauty, peace & quiet, rural walks and the best countryside activities Scotland has to offer. 

£1000 - A signed, single edition, framed A3 print of one of our 12 celebrity supporters holding a pig, by world famous photographer Clive Arrowsmith. Signed by both Clive Arrowsmith and the featured celebrity. Lambda print on satin-finish medium weight paper (Choose from Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Irons, Jon Snow, Sadie Frost, Mark Hix, Simon King and Leslie Ash.)  

Please pledge and help end factory farming.

Thank you.

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