ExeCargo: E-cargo Bike for the Exmouth Community

by Transition Exmouth in Exmouth, Devon, United Kingdom

We did it
On 8th October 2021 we successfully raised £13,060 with 64 supporters in 28 days

ExeCargo bike for Exmouth community groups, businesses, & residents to use for deliveries or fun.

by Transition Exmouth in Exmouth, Devon, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Once we have our first eCargo bike, we will look to building our fleet!  We're setting this crowdfunder up as a "keep what you raise" project as various other grants are available.  Even if we don't quite reach our target on #BacktheFuture (which, with your help, we feel we have an excellent chance of doing)  we are determined to get ExeCargo rolling.  Anything you can pledge will go towards an ecargo bike for Exmouth community. Thank you for reading this far ! 


ExeCargo: an eCargo bike for Exmouth 

We are fundraising to buy an electric cargo bike for Exmouth.  Local businesses, community groups and residents can use ExeCargo for deliveries, transporting sports equipment, doing the school run, or the shopping; the possibilities are endless! How could you use ExeCargo ?


ExeCargo: a Transition Exmouth project

Transition Exmouth works with local charities, community groups and businesses, and sits on the Climate and Ecological Emergency Working Party of Exmouth Town Council, helping move Exmouth towards a zero-carbon future.  The pictures above came from Our Exmouth Our Planet , a community brainstorming event held in November 2019. This is where the idea of a community ecargo bike first arose. 

There is a growing network of projects linked by the Transition Exmouth umbrella, including OurPlaceOurPlanet.org,  Tidelines, Plastic Free Exmouth, the Exmouth Tree Project, Litter Blitzers, Active Travel Exmouth and the recently opened Library of Things.


ExeCargo: the Pilot

In December 2020, we launched a pilot e-cargo bike delivery project, with £500 funding from a Transition Network Bounce Forward  National Lottery grant.   Exmouth Cycles did us a brilliant deal on bike hire,  Exmouth Town Council chipped in to brand the bike, and some amazing volunteers started pedalling.  In March 2021 ExeCargo was born.

We learned a lot in the three month trial . ExeCargo did deliveries for 3 independent businesses (TotalTee , Mother Earth , & The Pet Stall at Exmouth Indoor Market) as well as food collections for Exmouth Food Bank. We saved a whopping 90,000 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, as these deliveries would otherwise have been done by petrol or diesel vehicles.  Mother Earth told us, "ExeCargo is brilliant ! We don't do enough deliveries to justify buying our own e-cargo bike , so being able to use this a couple of times a week is perfect".

Having an e-Cargo bike for use by local businesses, groups  and individuals enables them to make their collections & deliveries in a more eco-friendly way.  There is long term potential for self-employed delivery riders to use the e-Cargo bike instead of a car.  This project supports the development of the green economy in our town.

The pilot was so successful that we are now crowdfunding to buy our own e-cargo bike - or eventually even a fleet of them! 


ExeCargo: the Future 

This is where you come in ! How could you use ExeCargo ?  Here's a range of e-Cargo bikes used by Co-Delivery in Exeter - which sort do you think we should buy first, and why?   Eventually we'd like a fleet of community-owned ecargo bikes. 


ExeCargo : Treble your money !  Funding opportunities

ExeCargo made a winning bid to #BackTheFuture: Devon Climate Challenge,  which is why we are launching the Crowdfunder now.  If we can raise £1000 from the Crowd by 8th October, Devon County Council will double our money.  There's more! We can get up to £5000 in match-funding  from BackTheFuture over the next few months, as well as a 40% grant for e-Cargo bikes from the Energy Saving Trust .  We just need a minimum of 30 people to pledge money by the 8th October to unlock all these opportunities.  Please can you help us? It's not every day you get the opportunity to treble your money :) 


ExeCargo: Why a new ecargobike?

The trial 3 month period used a 10 year old e-cargo bike , which , considering the many hills in Exmouth, showed its age.  A new-generation e-bike will have more power, built-in lights, and secure  watertight storage. The original e-cargo bike has re-joined the stable of hire bikes at Exmouth Cycles  for leisurely jaunts along the seafront. 


Execargo: Where will it be stored?

Exmouth Indoor Market  have kindly made a free stall available to Transition Exmouth.  Our town's Climate Action Network  can put display materials here, run workshops and fundraisers and meet people. It will be the perfect charging place for the bike when it's not in use, accompanied by advertisements for ExeCargo.   


ExeCargo: Who else is involved ?

Ordaloca is a brand new app and website designed exclusively for local businesses and communities being built in Propeller:Exmouth (a not-for-profit co-working space with a community of start-ups, creatives and engineers in Exmouth). Co-Founder Jim Hill told us , "Our ambition is to provide a powerful utility for the future of running local businesses, and a part of that means creating the space for local e-delivery companies to use the platform too. So we’d love to get involved  and help you out however we can with ExeCargo”. 


ExeCargo: What's in it for me ?

By helping us get ExeCargo pedals turning you're contributing to building the local green economy, reducing carbon emissions, helping local community groups & independent businesses AND getting a share in our very own eCargo bike!  You can use this for your own business or hobby, or donate the time to a community group.   Everyone pledging gets free hire time with Execargo - how will you use yours? 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

£100 will get FORTY hours FREE use of the ExeCargo bike. You can spread this over several hires , or donate the time to another person or group in Exmouth.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

£5 will get ONE hour FREE use of the ExeCargo bike. Long enough to go shopping, or take a picnic and to the beach. We need at least 30 people to support ExeCargo in order to unlock the BacktheFuture grant , so even a samll amount is very welcome !

£20 or more

£20 Reward

£20 will get FIVE hours FREE use of the ExeCargo bike. Long enough to do all your deliveries , or take a picnic and your SUP to the beach

£50 or more

£50 Reward

£50 will get FIFTEEN hours FREE use of the ExeCargo bike. You can spread this over several hires , or donate the time to another person or group in Exmouth.

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