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Help EUTCo take their production of Tabitha Mortiboy's 'The Amber Trap' to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August!

by ExeterUniversityTheatreCompany in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Video Credits: Morgan Budd & Ella Gant

Our Production of 'The Amber Trap’:

The Amber Trap follows Katie and her girlfriend Hope who are working together at their local corner shop, where the days pass in quiet, comfortable rhythms. But when new employee Michael arrives, the sands start to shift, and the air begins to thicken. Tabitha Mortiboy wanted a story which studied the way the male gaze treats women and how the "low-level aggressions that so many women are subjected to each day can mutate into acts of violence endangered by a deep-set, structural misogyny". 

Our key aims are: 

  • Provide a source of contact for those in the LGTBQIA+ community by working alongside charities and societies. 
  • Welcome all students into the drama community, and provide them with workshops, teaching them about ongoing social ills prevalent in today's society. 
  • Tell this important story on a national and international platform at the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and also provide the students creating this show to have an opportunity to show their work there.

The Vision:

The Amber Trap follows Katie and Hope, a young couple who work at their local corner shop alongside their manager Jo, a middle-aged woman with her own complicated relationship. When 18-year-old Michael joins the team, he falls for Katie and struggles to accept her lesbian identity and relationship with Hope. ‘The Amber Trap’ perfectly encapsulates the meaning of relationships and the different experiences had at the hands of toxic masculinity. 

Our vision for this piece is to bring the themes of consent and toxic masculinity, that Tabitha Mortiboy cleverly weaves throughout, in conjunction with the humour and love shared by these three women. We hope to invite you into the home we have created in this little corner shop and on a journey with Hope, Katie, Jo and Michael.

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Our Thank You: 

Any support you can give us is incredible, and we would appreciate any donation no matter how big or small. We want to show our gratitude for your support in putting on our production of The Amber Trap, so we have a collection of rewards as a Thank You for your generosity in donating. Take a look below at what we have to offer!


Where Your Donations Will Go:

All of the money you donate, along with what is being raised through fundraiser events  will be used to fund the productions costs (two fundraisers have been successfully completed so far, and we are planning for a final one to take place this June. For more details on our fundraising activities please see our social media pages). The production costs range from performance rights to venue hire. In order to be as transparent as possible, we have included a breakdown of the projected production costs:

  • Venue Hire: £3,360

  • Fringe Registration: 3295

  • Performance Rights: £858

  • Equipment: £100

  • Props and Set: £250

  • Costume: £30

  • Flyers/Posters/Programmes: £340

  • Fringe Website: £500

  • Promoting Posts: £100

Total: £6416


Disclaimer: At EUTCo we are remaining hopeful that "The Amber Trap" will be able to perform at Edinburgh Fringe 2021. This opportunity allows students to show their work to professionals, therefore gaining professional level experience in an environment which is renowned internationally. However, we remain aware of coronavirus and the impact the pandemic has been having on the theatre industry. If we cannot perform in Edinburgh we plan to to tour the show in another form as this still allows our members to receive the opportunities EUTCo aims to give them. Any donations made to this Crowdfunder will then be used to support the work touring in a different form. Once we know more about which form the show shall take the Crowdfunder page shall be updated.

About EUTCo:

Exeter University Theatre Company, fondly known as EUTCo, is one of the largest and longest running theatre societies at the university. Our goal is to get students involved in directing, producing, stage management, technical management, and performing professional quality drama. The society provides a platform to produce innovative and high quality student theatre, in an effort to entertain and inspire the rest of the student body and the larger community in Exeter.  EUTCo also offers a number of industry led workshops for members and non-members to further provide theatrical opportunities for students.

Our Previous Productions

In the past five years, EUTCo have produced a diverse range of productions at the Exeter Northcott Theatre. These include, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (2015) for which EUTCo was nominated for Best Student Led Project, Angels in America (2016), Animal Farm (2017), A Clockwork Orange (2018), Lord of The Flies (2019),  The Great Gatsby (2020) and most recently Photograph 51 which was our first ever broadcasted production (2021). Our other work has been performed online, or (pre-pandemic) at other local venues, most recently: One For Sorrow (Online, 2019), Medea (Exeter Barnfield, 2020), and Be My Baby (Maketank, 2019).

Interested in knowing more?

If you have any questions about our crowdfunding campaign, the production, or EUTCo itself, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us via email at [email protected] or through our facebook page at

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