Ethical Rebel Magazine: who makes our clothes?

by Ethical Rebel in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Ethical Rebel Magazine: who makes our clothes?


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Ethical Rebel is donating magazines that educate readers about slavery in the fashion industry and empower them to make a difference

by Ethical Rebel in Truro, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

At 17th June we have raised £330, enough to print our first 100 magazines and donate 61 of them to student libraries. We would love to raise another £100 so we can send more copies to secondary schools, colleges and universities. 

Hi - welcome to our Crowdfunder page! Help us by pledging to our project and choose your rewards from the right hand side of the page (scroll down if you’re on a mobile). Thanks! 

Help Ethical Rebel tackle slavery in the fashion industry! All pledges go towards publishing the magazine and donating copies to student libraries and educational establishments.


Our Story

Before I started my fashion degree in 2012, I assumed everyone in the world followed the same labour laws and health standards that we do in the UK. During my degree I began to learn the truth about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry. I was deeply shocked at how much people and the planet suffer to make our clothes. 

More recently, facts about slavery in the fashion industry have started to be covered more in the press. More people are becoming aware that slaves are involved in the making of most of our clothes want to know how they can shop more ethically. 


What We Want To Do

Ethical Rebel was founded to help make a difference to the fashion industry. We want others to know the risks garment makers, dyers, weavers, spinners and farmers take to make their clothes so they can make informed choices about the clothes they buy and wear.

We want to make the complex issues easier to understand, make shopping for ethical clothes easier and suggest ways in which readers can become ethical rebels, helping the fashion industry eradicate slavery and pollution and treat people and the world we live in with respect.


Student Take Over

Nearly 50 young people at Cornwall College took part in the Student Take Over of the next few issues - the Issue 02 series - of Ethical Rebel. These magazines tackle the issues of slavery, pollution and textile waste. With guidance from award winning photographer Sarah Brittain-Edwards, students did make up and hair, modelled for us and took the photos for our brand features and covers.


#whomademyclothes magazine

The first magazine in the series is #whomademyclothes and focuses on the people involved in the fashion industry supply chain. There are infographics and a potted history, a quick guide to the time it takes and the risks garment workers face, plus great guest articles from Ethical Business Buddy Jo Salter and Sustainable Deeds Didi Aben.

We also check out the certificates and apps to look out for when buying clothes to ensure brands respect and value their workers. We feature 3 brands who have broken free from slavery: Nomads Clothing, Where Does It Come From? and A Story In T-Shirts.


What Are We Doing With The Money?

So far, the magazine has been put together by our amazing team of students and co-creators. Now, to bring it to life, we need everyone’s help.

  • Print and promotion

The magazine is A4 sized, 56 pages and contains no adverts. It will be printed by Cornish printers, Kingdom Print, on FSC® certified paper that has been harvested in a responsible manner and trees are replanted. Violence and the displacement of indigenous peoples are prohibited.

After this crowdfunding campaign is finished, we hope to sell the magazine online. We also hope to sell it in sustainable shops and through magazine vendors when they reopen. 

  • Donations to Educational Establishments and Libraries 

The money we raise will enable us to donate copies of the magazine to educational settings and libraries and to other venues where people like to read magazines. We'll send copies of donated magazines to libraries of the donor's choice or from a list of those wanting a copy. Secondary schools are particularly keen on obtaining educational materials on sustainable issues.

  • Future Issues In The Series

Most of the work on the other magazines has been completed. These will be edited in the coming months and each issue will have its own crowdfunding campaign. The next issue will cover Climate Change and Pollution and the third issue will be on Textile Waste. There will also be a compendium combining all 3 issues into one book.



Our anticipated cost to send out 100 print copies will be a minimum of £561, which will cover paying the printers, postage, envelopes and crowdfunder fees. We already have some money pledged, but needed £100 more to meet printing costs. However, there are approx 132 Universities, more than 240 colleges and over 4,000 secondary schools in the UK - approximately 4,500 altogether. 

We hope we will exceed our target so that we can benefit as many students as possible. If we receive £1,107 we will be able to fund 250 copies, £1,721 will fund 500 copies and £2,942 will fund 1,000 copies. If we can raise £13,239 we can send copies to every secondary school, college and university in the UK.



In return for a pledge of money, we'll send you a copy of the magazine as a reward and/or donate magazines to the student library or other recipient of your choice. Here are some ideas:

Pledge £20 to get 1 magazine and donate 3 copies to students

A pledge of £20 will fund 4 printed copies of the magazine, so you can keep one for yourself and donate the rest, or keep them all for yourself!

Pledge £15 to get a digital copy plus 2 print copies of the magazine

A pledge of £15 will fund a digital copy for yourself plus 2 printed copies you can donate to libraries or schools. 

Pledge £50 and we will donate 10 print copies on your behalf and send 1 digital copy to you

Pledge £100 or more and we will donate 20 print copies on your behalf, send 1 digital and 1 print copy to you


Bonus Rewards

Each target met results in extra rewards being given to those who have already pledged. For example, when we hit the first £100 target, all those who pledged to help us hit that target will receive a bonus reward of an upcycled Ethical Rebel book bag. The earlier you pledge, the more bonus rewards you get. 


Special Rewards

The Bonus Rewards unlocked at each key target become available as pledges. So when the £100 target was met, an upcycled Ethical Rebel tote bag became a Reward. 



Note: dates are estimates and may be affected by changes in social distancing requirements

Campaign ends and print order placed: 3rd May 2020

Order expected to be received by Ethical Rebel: 12th May 2020

Money cleared and paid by Crowdfunder to Ethical Rebel: 18th May 2020 (best guess)

Digital and Print Magazines sent out where there's someone to receive them: 17th May 2020

Magazines stored by Ethical Rebel and posted out when libraries reopen: best guess end of June 2020.

We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see Crowdfunder's Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.

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