Environmental Stewardship: Sea AES

by Stuart Jeffery in Trethomas, Wales, United Kingdom

Environmental Stewardship: Sea AES


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To raise funds for the Artic Eider Society who are working with partners teaching environmental stewardship in the Hudson Bay.

by Stuart Jeffery in Trethomas, Wales, United Kingdom

Hudson Bay is Canada’s largest drainage basin, providing critical habitat for wildlife. Despite long-standing concerns expressed by Inuit and Cree communities about environmental change and stewardship gaps, Hudson Bay is one of the least funded and understudied regions of Canada.

Pagan Aid wants to raise funds to support the Arctic Eider Society which has partnered with communities and stakeholders to develop the Hudson Bay Consortium initiative. "The primary goal of this initiative is to develop the capacity needed for inter-jurisdictional coordination of research, communications, and knowledge mobilization towards planning (e.g. for protected areas) and action for environmental stewardship for the greater Hudson Bay ecosystem."

Protection of the environment is a key aim of Pagan Aid - please support this appeal!

More details on Sea AES at their website, here.

Pagan Aid's website is here.

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