British Brain Bee - a neuroscience competition

To promote neurosciences in schools and grow a curious problem-solving generation of scientists who will tackle neurodegenerative diseases.

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On 26th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £1,348 with 36 supporters in 56 days
British Brain Bee is a non-profit initiative that fosters an interest in neurosciences in schools.  To achieve this, we have been running an annual competition called the English Brain Bee ( for three years now. We aim to:
  • Create an interest of school students in neuroscience by encouraging participation in the competition
  • Provide students with practical lab experience in neuroscience
  • Provide them with an opportunity to meet with neuroscientists and university students and explore a career in STEM
The competition is comprised of 4 parts: neuroanatomy and neurohistology test, patient diagnosis test, a written multiple-choice question exam, and a podium challenge. Students are tested on their knowledge about the brain, neuroscience research, neurochemistry and neurophysiology. 

Why do we run Brain Bee?


1) British Brain Bee is supporting the UK Government plans to increase the number of students studying STEM subjects to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of scientists to meet business and research needs of the UK in the future.

2) The growing burden of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, means that more neuroscientists are needed to address current and future medical challenges.  By nurturing our children and igniting an interest in neuroscience earlier this may lead to a long-lasting passion for science. 

3) Science competitions improve reasoning and critical thinking skills, and also fosters friendship and team work.

4) The educational nature of the Brain Bee event will help to change public misconceptions about the brain and, by bringing neuroscience experts and the public together, it will help bridge the gap between public and science.

Why do we need money?

1) We need sufficient funds to organise and run the 4th English Brain Bee competition which will take place in March 2018 during the Brain Awareness week.
2) We need to cover travel expenses and registration fees of the UK representative in the International Brain Bee in 2018 in Germany. 
3) We need at least £5,000 to expand the number of schools participating in the annual competition, to cover the costs of neuroscientists visiting schools, and to be in a position to apply for charitable status by registering with the Charity Commission. 


Our initiative is supported by



Meet the Team 

Martyna Petrulyte, The Founder of British Brain Bee

BSc Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy) graduate of the University of Aberdeen 

Melissa Spilioti

BSc Neuroscience with Psychology and Biobusiness graduate of the University of Aberdeen 
Current MSc Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine student in the UCL

Melissa Spilioti, BSc (Hons)


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