engine - software for film & tv

engine - software for film & tv

e n g i n e - a software service seeking to be the industry standard for: contracting, timesheets, invoices, and much more

We did it!

On 27th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £9,520 with 58 supporters in 42 days

the aim

We seek funds to continue development of our exciting new film & tv production software. 

This phase of funding is to build the digital timecard element for all productions.

engine is a software service designed by people working in the industry for people working in the industry.

This service was born out of common frustrations with current systems and a desire to find a single solution for use by all productions, whatever size or medium.

the people

We are Team Engine Limited, a company founded in early 2017 by Jonathan Scott and Rebecca Wolf


Between us, we have over 33 years of experience on film and tv projects of all sizes. Most recently, Jonathan has been working as a Production Supervisor and Rebecca as a Financial Controller. 

Our thorough understanding of the processes used across Production and Accounts in the industry has allowed us to begin to develop a single software hub to manage a production.


the problem

All productions typically rely on 3 forms of communication, each with its own problems:

Email – high volume, poorly written, missed, deleted, sent to too many people or not enough

Phone – usually only between 2 people, no record of the discussion, open to interpretation

Paper – gets lost, misplaced or damaged. Is illegible, environmentally unsound and difficult to track

Every aspect of production – crew, cast, projects, vendors, budget and schedule – is managed using bespoke systems, offering similar tools for distinct tasks. Often these systems are dated and no longer truly fit for purpose but we tolerate their flaws, rather than evolve.

Each project or studio has it's own way of working, so crew must repeatedly re-learn common tasks with alternative methods.

As a result, errors are made which are costly, frustrating and time-consuming. Errors lead to bad data and bad data leads to waste.

the solution

We have created engine to be the industry standard system, which gives:    

each project,

its own hub


each crew member,

a profile that they own

and manage

an efficient way to connect and communicate between them

engine - now

Development of engine began in April 2017, with the first version ready for soft launch that August.

engine has currently been used on 10 productions, and new enquiries are ongoing!

The present version is an efficient on-boarding system:

  • project issue offers
  • crew create their profile
  • crew review and accept their offer
  • engine generates the contracts
  • everyone signs electronically
  • engine delivers the signed contracts

The current system ensures crew are contracted quickly,
and all required paperwork is submitted simultaneously.

Crew can update an existing engine profile any time; for them, joining the next production is as simple as review, accept and sign.

engine – the next stage

This is where we need your help please! With your contribution...

... we will develop a digital timecard solution to fulfil industry needs

crew can submit:
   •  where they work (location & unit)
   •  when they work
   •  overtime
   •  additional days
   •  meal payments
   •  per diems
   •  mileage
   •  and more...

for approval by:

•  Department
•  Production
•  Accounts

providing information which is:

     •  prompt     
     •  accurate
     •  complete


resulting in timely payment    

engine – the future

engine will expand beyond on-boarding and timecards.

With people and projects properly connected, we can assist Production, Accounts and all crew in a number of exciting ways...

  • sharing information
  • planning operations
  • managing resources

It's important that we remain a reactive & progressive company.  We listen to the needs of our users and hone our plans to fit those demands.

what people are already saying

‘This has to become the industry standard. A seamless and straightforward system which is long overdue. 
In my 20 years in Production, it was a first; we had the majority of the crew’s start forms and contracts signed and filed, 3 weeks in.’
Liza Carmel, Production

‘It's really a no-brainer for everyone to adopt this system, and if your records are kept on file it will make it so much easier for the next one.’
Tommy Holman, Camera

I just watched the explainer video, wow wee! Stone Ages move out the way - a digital revolution is coming.’
Rebecca Ioannou, Production

'Makes life so much easier. It can be a right pain filling out form after form but with what you have done it is so simple for everybody.'
Dan Moriarty, Grip

'This sounds really interesting and potentially a great way forward on many fronts!'
EM, Completion Guarantor

Thank you for your support!  


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