Endometriosis surgery so I can get back to work

by Katie Vear in Grays, England, United Kingdom

Endometriosis surgery so I can get back to work


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I’m a dental nurse and I’ve spent a year off work in agony and lost over 2 stone while waiting for an operation on the NHS.

by Katie Vear in Grays, England, United Kingdom

The NHS backlog has meant I can’t get the operation I need to get back on my feet and back to work.
I am an ‘urgent’ case,  but have been told it’s a long wait for the operation to sort out the problem.

I have been unable to work for a year, and have been trapped in my home, in extreme pain that painkillers do not touch, with extreme nausea which has resulted in over 2 stone of weight loss. I am now desperate.

I am in danger of losing my job. I have spent 4 years training as a dental nurse, and need to complete one more observed exam before I qualify. My training provider has been great, but I am now at the point where in a month they will throw me off the course and I would have to pay another provider and start again. I can’t afford to do that, and so would lose my dream job.
Endometriosis has ruined my life, and I hope this operation will give me back my quality of life.
I understand the pressure on the NHS which is why I now feel the need to have private treatment, but this costs.
My sick pay finished months ago, and since then I have been on ESA at a rate of £75 a werk. I have a mortgage and a daughter and can’t afford to maintain either at the moment, and I am still awaiting a Universal Credit decision. My partner is an Amazon associate and is doing his best to keep us afloat.
Please help, but only if you can.
Thank you for taking the time to read this xxx

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