Elect Bond, J Bond for Vauxhall Green MP

by Pete Elliott in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 8th December 2019 we successfully raised £997 with 27 supporters in 28 days

Jacqueline Bond wants to be your first Green MP for Vauxhall. She passionately wants to address the climate crisis and fight for Remain.

by Pete Elliott in London, England, United Kingdom

Jacqueline Bond – an ecology graduate and Extinction Rebellion activist – has been selected as your Green Party MP candidate for Vauxhall.

She is standing in a constituency where Labour Party has allowed air quality to dip to dangerous levels affecting the health of local residents. Jacqueline is promising to prioritise action on the climate emergency which will directly address local air pollution issues.

She also speaks against austerity, and will fight for the rights of council tenants in the Vauxhall area, who have seen their lives turned upside down by poor living conditions and bungled estate ”regeneration” plans.

Jacqueline said: “This is the year of world-wide climate protests strike, and it’s time to turn those protests into a clear, positive result here in Vauxhall.

In Vauxhall one of the most pro-Remain areas of the country, there is no chance of that a pro-Brexit MP, Conservative or otherwise will be elected. So voters are free to vote for the issues of real long-term concern: such as the gathering storm clouds of the climate crisis.

So let’s do things differently. Let’s stand up for the climate, back a strong Remain campaign, and protect the rights of so many local people who have been cast aside by the local Labour Party in Lambeth who prioritise property developers over its long standing residents in social housing. 

If elected as an MP, I promise to be a loud, proud Green in parliament and offer radical and urgent action. I will not merely pay the environment lip-service, or express concern about austerity while voting against bills which improve ordinary people’s lives – I will speak on your behalf and make things happen”. 

Jacqueline’s priorities will be:

  • Real action to tackle the Climate Emergency
  • Fighting tirelessly to reverse austerity and inequality
  • Pushing for a People’s Vote and then campaigning hard for Remain – not Brexit, which would mean job losses, the end of freedom of movement and less protections for the environment. 
  • Working on behalf of residents living in neglected council estates in Vauxhall, especially those earmarked for demolition. 


We’ve launched an urgent campaign to raise funds so we can run our most effective campaign ever. We need to raise £3,000 to kick-start our campaign and hit the ground running.

While other political parties are funded by wealthy corporate donors, the Green Party is different. We’re a grassroots people-powered party, funded by thousands of people chipping in donations of £20, £50 and £100 to fund our work.

We need funds for producing campaign media, printing materials and advertising - this way we are able to reach the most with the loudest and strongest message for the Green Party. Generally, leaflets are between £200-£400 per round, and that only covers about a tenth of the constituency, depending on the size of the leaflet. There are other costs too, as we are hoping to use videos and social media to get some positive attention to what we can offer as Greens, and what I can offer as a candidate! Everything adds up, and it really does make a difference for this campaign to reach as many people as the bigger parties do.


More and More People Are Voting Green

The Greens are not a “fringe party” – we’re beating the Government. At the last set of elections for the European Parliament, our UK-wide vote share was above the Conservative Party nationally, and only 2% behind Labour – but Vauxhall can do better than this. If Remain supporting constituents also get out and proudly vote Green on 12th December, we can make history by delivering London’s first Green MP to work alongside Caroline Lucas. 


No to Climate Chaos

We need urgent action to avoid catastrophic climate change. Jacqueline has already worked tirelessly with Extinction Rebellion organising major events, including a live event in Brockwell Park which featured actor Mark Rylance. 

If elected, Jacqueline promises to take the concerns of Extinction Rebellion right to the heart of parliament, giving them a strong voice to put through an effective Citizen's Assembly, and achieve Net Zero by 2030, at the very latest, and with immediate action.


An End to Austerity

The Conservative claim that austerity has ended is a clear lie. Schools, hospitals, public transport and local services need to be properly funded. Vauxhall residents, especially those on the sharp end of cuts, know and understand that the lives of most people in the constituency have not improved. As an MP, Jacqueline will stand up for the services we rely on. 

My Pledge to You

“Vauxhall is a unique constituency and a great place to live. I live in the heart of the Portuguese community and it feels like every nationality, ethnicity and sexuality is represented across the whole area. 

Vauxhall is also unique in its high level of support for remaining in the EU, of which I’m proud – however, it’s unique for less positive reasons too. It was the first area in London to breach annual legal pollution limits this year. Pollution that not only contributes to the ill-health of vulnerable residents such as children and the elderly, but also damages the global environment. We cannot allow this trend to continue.

As a scientist and an environmental campaigner, I believe I have a unique contribution to make. This country needs more scientists on the inside of politics, not lobbying on the outside, and I want to be that person, offering a rational, intelligent view of the environment and climate change, not one sullied by corporate bribes or business bias. 

Besides that, though, I also want to be your friend, ally and voice inside the House of Commons, speaking as a true Vauxhall resident and part of this community.”


Get in touch!

If there’s something you think is missing, let me know. If you disagree, try to convince me. If there’s something you think I can do to help, or you want to tell me about an issue you care passionately about, get in touch!  contact@lambeth.greenparty.org.uk 


Get involved

We know that some of our supporters will not be able to give us money but would still like to show their support. We would love to hear from you so we can keep in touch about the campaign and invite you to help in other ways such as delivering leaflets in your area or putting up a poster. Sign up here: contact@lambeth.greenparty.org.uk 



Please ensure that you are on the electoral register as this is a requirement for donating to a political party. If you would like to pledge more than £50 then we will also need your personal contact details and address, so please email us. Any surplus funds after the General Election campaign will be used by Lambeth and Southwark Green Parties to help finance our 2020 and 2022 local and London mayoral election campaigns

Thank you!

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Instagram: @rococoroco

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