El Pilche Community Medicinal Plant Garden

El Pilche Community Medicinal Plant Garden

Construction of the volunteer house accommodation & training local community to grow organic products, replicate & sell from their farms.

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On 1st Jun 2017 we successfully raised £240 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Ecuador Tierra Viva is a Quito-based charity - http://www.ecuadortierraviva.org

Our mission

Is to improve the quality of life of the Ecuador’s neediest communities through provision or improvement of water, health and education services.


We implement projects that combine local effort with national and international volunteers to support vulnerable communities in the coastal, Andean, Amazonian and Galapagos regions of Ecuador.

Our projects cover a wide range of social necessities including:

•• Instalation of water and sanitation systems

•• Improvement of school and childcare infrastructure

•• Provision of teaching resources

•• Promotion of ancestral heritage

•• Protection of archaeological sites

•• Environmental conservation through agricultural innovation and reforestation.

Ecuador Tierra Viva projects are funded by organizations and individuals who support the aims of the foundation.

The objective of the construction of the volunteer house is to provide accommodation for volunteers interested in doing social work through medical brigades, scientific studies, work in organic gardens, etc.

The community garden will bring to the food sovereignty of the commune and the inflow of resources by means of the marketing of products. This component has two specific objectives: 1) to train the community to learn how to grow organic products, without use of chemicals, healthy and able to replicate it in their own farms. And 2) that the community benefits from the sale of all organic products, the sale can be made to hotels that are found in the surroundings that are Sani Lodge, Sacha Lodge La Selva Lodge Kicwua Anangu, lodge and in addition to all the communes that are found on the banks of the Napo River.

Essential Equipment need: $2000.00


to the house of volunteers from the community of Pilchi proposes the purchase of a water filter, the most recommended is the Filter Unit" of water for the household of 10" and regulator with PVC pipe".

This unit can be connected easily and comes pre-built with a system of PVC Backwash very efficient.

This system removes the harmful contaminants before they reach the tap which allows you to safely use tap water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc.

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