EFTA4UK - say NO to no deal brexit

by EFTA4UK Team in London, Greater London, England

EFTA4UK - say NO to no deal brexit

To 'TAKE BACK CONTROL' of Brexit by holding a large pro-EFTA event in Westminster to change the destiny of the UK for the better.

by EFTA4UK Team in London, Greater London, England


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Hard Brexit? NO THANKS!

We the people didn't vote for a Kamikaze Brexit! We want to be friends and good business partners with our European neighbours. We don't want a hard brexit, recession, job losses, or chlorinated chicken for that matter! If you agree - read on...

Let's rejoin the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)✓          http://www.efta.int/


We are EFTA4UK - a genuine grassroots campaign that has for two years been promoting the idea that the UK should adopt a similar relationship with the EU as the EFTA countries enjoy today. 

Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein are some of the happiest, wealthiest and most democratic countries in Europe - but they aren't in the EU. 

This type of relationship with the EU would mean for the UK:

- We would continue tariff-free trade in the Common Market for goods & services

- UK citizens could still live, work, study and retire in the EU

- Trade deals around the world - UK still 'open for business'

- Preserve the Union (Scottish government support this type of Brexit)

- No need for a 'hard border' on the island of Ireland✓

Delivering Brexit

This type of relationship would however still honour the referendum vote, since:

- We would be out of the EU

- We would get our old-style Passports back

- No longer subject to the ECJ

- Out of the Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy (CAP & CFP)

- Out of the Customs Union, able to make our own trade deals


Now is the time to take back control of Brexit

Leaving the EU with no deal would be terrible for jobs and the economy. If we are going to act to prevent a damaging 'WTO' brexit we need to make MPs, MEPs and Peers clear that we won't accept that outcome. We need to force MPs to adopt an EFTA/EEA based plan as their official 'plan B' before time runs out. 

The Plan

We have already held several meetings with forward-thinking MPs and Peers and the response has been encouraging so far. But we aim to use the money from this crowdfunder to supercharge the campaign:


About us:

EFTA 4 UK is in no way affiliated with EFTA itself, we are a grassroots organisation made up of concerned British citizens. We aren't funded by big business or special interests, and have been funded so far from our own pockets. Your donation could help us take our campaign to the next level. 

The media don't seem to be interested in covering our campaign (yet) but we have thousands of followers on social media. 

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Let's make 'EFTA4UK - say NO to no deal brexit' happen

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