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eFOLDi - Award Winning Electric Folding Scooter

by Sumi Wang in 

We did it
On 12th August 2016 we successfully raised £104,654 with 60 supporters in 99 days

Most versatile electric scooter that folds easily to a suitcase and a chair: compact, lightweight and fun... best travel companion EVER!

by Sumi Wang in

eFOLDi are keeping the pitch open for anyone who missed out in the first round, where we successfully raised over £100K. For everyone who'd like to support eFOLDi from the 3rd of June onwards, we've released new rewards and new delivery date. 

All funding raised before the end of May has now been collected and on the way to our manufacturer! We are well on track of delivering your eFOLDi on the dates as planned :-)

eFOLDi is the world's most versatile Electric Vehicle that's just won British Invention of the Year 2016. We're taking pre-orders to bring eFOLDi to life, and pledging on our VOOM pitch is the best way to get your hands on an eFOLDi first! 


We are the winner of the prestigious "British Invention Of The Year 2016" at The Gadget Show Live on 31st March 2016. Pictured below, the Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury is having fun riding eFOLDi and congratulating the inventor. 

We Won! British Invention of the Year 2016


Made up of a father and daughter team with a combined 66 years of engineering experience and after 4 years of prototype development, we've finally been able to have the opportunity to work together and launch eFOLDi!




d61d49b314809f61b4985281d4cce304.pngWe've been showing off the eFOLDi all over the country, attending trade shows, being on TV and Radio, and using Social Media to get the word out there!


What is eFOLDi? 

eFOLDi is a durable, lightweight, safe and folding personal transporter, allowing you experience a variety of different options: from a battery powered electric scooter, a portable chair to a traveller's suitcase.


eFOLDi weighs 19kg (42lbs), which is less than a normal checked-in luggage. It  is strong, reliable and comfortable with a:- Top speed of 20 km/h (12.5mph)- Range of 22 km (14 miles) - Maximal load of 100 kg (220lbs/16st)

The eFOLDi transforms into a comfortable chair, a portable suitcase, and it is light and compact enough to join you on your flight! 



Who is eFOLDi for? 

The eFOLDi was designed for multiple applications but mostly for one simple purpose: To help get people around easily! 


eFOLDi is perfect for commuters, whose work places take them beyond public transport links, along with the elderly and those with limited mobility who are unable to walk for long distances... eFOLDi is for everyone!


eFOLDi is a must have travel companion for days out, sightseeing, shopping malls, holidays, waiting in line, camping, open air concerts, commuting or simply just for fun. 


What makes eFOLDi special? 

Making eFOLDi sturdy and comfortable, while at the same time lightweight and compact has always been our mission! When it folds up, it’s smaller than a midsize luggage and only takes up 0.07m3, so that it can be easily stored or carried around.

As a scooter, it comfortably accommodates a full size adult. Although the maximum load was original designed to be 100kg, we have been testing eFOLDi extensively and it has successfully carried over 150kg / 24st / 330lbs weight without a single wobble.


In the past 3 years, we have developed and tested a few different eFOLDi prototypes. We have had huge successes reducing the weight by 7 kg (15 lbs), while at the same time increase the range by 10 km (6 miles)!


We contacted more than 500 suppliers to find the lightest possible components. Although it means a higher manufacturing cost, we have managed to identify a battery and a motor of the highest quality that remains lightweight. Large wheels make the ride stable even on rough terrain and the addition of 4-Point vertical suspension makes your ride even more comfortable.


eFOLDi has been designed to be used as type 2 and type 3 scooter on the road in the UK. As road use legislation varies from country to country, we strongly advise that you check relevant restrictions in your own country.

* The range of batteries are tested outdoor, at 3 degree C, on normal  road surface and carrying a 80kg adult.



How safe is the eFOLDi battery? 

Pursuing our goal of reducing overall weight, we have sourced the most advanced batteries available on the market. We offer two different packs of Lithium-ion batteries, and each can be removed and installed to eFOLDi in seconds. Both batteries are CE and ROHS certified and passed the United Nations test. The manufacturer has ISO quality assurance system in place. 

To enable those who love to travel, we have designed an AirSafe battery pack (24V 4AH), which is permitted to be taken into cabin by all major airlines. It weighs 1.1 kg. On average it travelled 6-10km on a full charge. Most airlines allow each passenger take 2 of such batteries. So that you can take your eFOLDi with you anywhere in the world!

Another battery pack, FarReach (24V 12AH) is designed for long range and weighs 2.7kg. On average it travels 20-30km on a full charge. We have performed test outdoor, at 3 degree C, on normal flat road surface, carrying 80kg adult, where the AirSafe travelled 7km and FarReach travelled 22km. Actual travel distance varies depending on road surface, gradient and weight of user.


Need another additional battery?

Sure!  Add on £199 to your order and let us know if you prefer the FarReach or AirSafe.

To charge eFOLDi batteries, simply connect the charger to the charging port of the eFOLDi and plug to a socket, just like charging your laptop. When the indicator on the charger turns from red to green, the battery is fully charged. It takes 4.5 hours to charge FarReach and 1.5 hours for AirSafe. 


To give you the extra power while you are out and about, we have integrated USB charging ports onto eFOLDi. By doing this, we have turned eFOLDi to a giant portable charger. So no more worry about batteries running flat on mobiles, Kindles or laptops etc. You can even play favourite tunes for your outdoor party!


Who are we? 

eFOLDi is brought to you by a Daughter and Father team, both with extensive professional engineering backgrounds. 

I am Sumi Wang, Managing Director of SunTech UK, the company behind the eFOLDi and have built my career in Engineering, working in China, Denmark and the UK where I most recently worked on the Innovation China UK programme. Full experience on LinkedIn (

The folding genius comes from my father, Jianmin Wang, who has been Chief Engineer for Chinese Acrobat Troupe for over 30 years and has experience finding creative engineering and design solutions to all kinds of problems! 

The eFOLDi started like most good ideas – as a solution to a problem: my dad broke his leg. Like most dads, he doesn't like to make a fuss. He started sketching up eFOLDi when lying in hospital. As soon as he got home, he limped himself into the shed and there, and cobbled together the first ever eFOLDi ‘prototype’! 

Helping us on our journey, we are blessed to have many passionate individuals contributing to the eFOLDi project! 


Where is eFOLDi manufactured?

Your eFOLDi will be responsibly produced in our partnering factory in China, which is an established supplier in the automobile industry. They have been supplying components to GM, Daewoo, Sabaru and Chevrolet since 2008.

We have been working together for more than a year now to optimise eFOLDi, reduce its weight and of course ensure safety. The factory has ISO9000 international quality assurance systems in place, and is equipped with various advanced in-house safety testing facilities.


What do experts think of eFOLDi? 


  • Winner of the British Inventors Project 2016 

eFOLDi recent won the British Inventors Project 2016 at the Gadget Show Live with Jason Bradbury. Press mention:


  • Gold Medal in Beijing

eFOLDi won the gold medal at the Invention Competition in Beijing, China in 2015 and my dad was congratulated by Chinese Vice President, Mrs Liu Yandong (pictured left) and Beijing Mayor, Mr Guo Jinlong.  


  • Surrey Entrepreneur Academy Winner 2015

eFOLDi is also the winner of the grand prize of Surrey Entrepreneur Academy 2015 in the UK. A prize of £5K from Reigate & Banstead Council was awarded to protect the scooter’s patent, which has now been granted internationally.


What does eFOLDi need? 

eFOLDi needs your help to come to life!

A proper production line will be set up in our Chinese partner’s existing car manufacturing factory, including tooling, moulding, assembly and testing before packaging.

For the reward level of eFOLDi Classic and beyond, you will be able to choose the battery (AirSafe or FarReach) and the motor (LightMotor or ReverseMotor). 

* Need an additional battery with your order? Add on £259 for AirSafe and £359 for FarReach.

We have compared hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers qualifications to make eFOLDi a reality at such an affordable price! We have done our homework carefully so as to ensure your eFOLDi be with you as quickly as it can be.

Our Timeline: (We will start shipping orders by October 2016)


While we would really love to send eFOLDi worldwide, there are some logistical issues when shipping to certain countries. For the time being, we are able to ship eFOLDi to the countries/regions below. However, please do get in touch if your country isn’t on the list, we will be more than happy to check the shipping cost for you.

We can ship the eFOLDi to: 

UK, United States, European Union as well as - Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malta, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Shipping of eFOLDi will be carried out by a fulfilment company, which has depots in the US, the UK and China.

Please keep in mind: Depending on the country you live in, there may be VAT, customs and import duties to be paid. These costs will be for the backers to pay and are not included in the shipping charges.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding shipment to your country.

You are more than welcome to get in touch if having any questions unanswered! 


Why Voom? 

Since the initial eFOLDi idea generated in 2012, we have developed and refined our design, sourced all component suppliers and most importantly, we have passed the critical milestone of creating the Production Prototypes. The recent crown of British Invention Of The Year undoubtedly boosted our confidence. We cannot wait to let people enjoy the travel freedom that eFOLDi enables.

We see Voom as a fantastic platform to show many more people how eFOLDi can help them get around easily. As eFOLDi is designed to be the best travel companion, we are very much looking forward to the opportunity to show Sir Richard Branson and his team in person, and let eFOLDi help the passengers of Virgin Atlantic!!!  



Therefore, here we are, to make eFOLDi a reality on Voom!

And YOU can be part of it, by pledging and voting for eFOLDi!

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