Educating and Protecting Young People

by The Stay Safe Initiative CIC in Crudwell, England, United Kingdom

Educating and Protecting Young People


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In regard to the current situation regarding COVID-19, The Stay Safe Initiative CIC needs your help to survive the crisis - Please read!

by The Stay Safe Initiative CIC in Crudwell, England, United Kingdom

Hi all,

We are a small non profit - community interest company The Stay Safe Initiative CIC provides fun, engaging and fully interactive workshops, assemblies and presentations for young people in schools and youth clubs. Our work helps to educate and protect our young people on subjects such as Anti-bullying, Internet Safety and Abduction Prevention as well as helping schools set up and run positive Peer to Peer Mentoring schemes in schools. Our work covers all age groups from early year learners all the way up to young adults as well and parents and carers.

Since setting up Stay Safe back in 2013 (in the South West) with the help of my wife Niki, we have never asked for help or funding to allow us to help young people. So much so that we have both always worked another job to allow us to financially follow our passion.

After re-locating to Wiltshire in 2018, even though we still continued to support our schools in the South-West, it did take a while to re-establish new connections with local schools and youth groups in our new area, however over the last year things have really started to take off. We have been very fortunate that lots of schools have not only decided to work with us but have also been extremely impressed with the work we have done with their young people.

2020 was starting to look like our most positive year yet...........

Then all of a sudden the Covid-19 global crisis came crashing in.  

As all of our positive work consists of face to face, hands on live sessions run in schools and youth groups, we can longer reach and help our communities young people for the foreseeable future.

As we are a non-profit community company, all of our paid work run in schools / youth groups goes towards not only supporting our young family but also allows us to continue to evolve and develop new impactful ways to help todays young people.

As we don't know how long we will have to wait before getting back out there to do good, we are fearful that having no funds coming in that this will potentially effect the future of our organisation.

Any kind pledges we receive from supporters will enable us to start to plan for brighter days ahead and every penny will be spent running free Stay Safe sessions in schools / youth groups for young people across the West, South-West of the UK, when people can finally get together again.

Thanks in advance for any help guys.

from Team Stay Safe!

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