Creating an Edible London tackling food poverty

by Edible London in London, England, United Kingdom



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Support Edible London to keep our North London communities fed and tackle food waste

by Edible London in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We would use the extra money to: 

-Develop and support more growing spaces across the capital

These sites would empower us to bring about more food, more education, more love and more sustainability. Not just for Edible London - but for everyone who is part of this journey. Let's make It edible. 

As we reach the last few days of our Crowdfunder your support is vital to help us continue to tackle food poverty in North London

Your support no matter how small will go a long way in keeping Edible London’s food distribution operation going, tackle food waste and food poverty in our community.


We have been working around the clock to relocate our food distribution hub from Alexandra Palace to Stamford Hill, space kindly donated by our fruit and vegetable suppliers Fresh and Fruity. We have this space for three months, it is vital that we raise enough funds to create the infrastructure we desperately need to keep our food distribution going. 



Countless thanks go to every single person who has got behind Edible London over the past 3 months. The support we have received from our community is truly phenomenal. If we were to have paid for the hours donated by our packing and distribution teams, admins, drivers, gardeners, we would be in a deficit of a few million pounds. What we have achieved on a shoestring is a testament to every single person who has been a part of Edible London. 

With less than 1 week to go on our Crowdfunder your support is vital to keep our operations running, without this support, we will need to dramatically scale back Edible London’s help to our community. We can not let this happen.

Please donate to our Crowdfunder today, be part of the magic and change we are creating in our community.


Our community needs us more than ever, here’s why:

- Use of food banks has increased by 180% this year*. Edible London donates large quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables to those food banks. Providing ingredients for over 40,000 meals a week;

- Even pre-COVID19, a staggering 34% of residents and 40% of children were living below the poverty line in Haringey*'

- 9.5 billion tons of food is wasted each year in the UK, which equates to the emission of 25 million tons of greenhouse gases**. Our food waste operation is currently saving up to 4 tons of food waste per day.

*Source; Haringey Council, April 2020

***Source; Wrap food report, January 2020

Helping us reach our £100,000 target will enable us to;

- Create a new Edible London redistribution centre

- Continue to provide daily food parcels and fresh ingredients to our 36 beneficiaries, creating up to 50,000 meals per week 

- Continue to reduce surplus food waste, by sorting and saving good produce for food parcels and community kitchens. Using the residual for compost at our many growing sites in Haringey

- Continue our outreach projects and educational days to help empower and educate our community in organic food growing

- Continue to build connections in our community to create more sustainable ways of using, consuming and sharing surplus food

 With your support to secure a home for Edible London we see no limits to what we can achieve, tackling food poverty and food waste in Haringey and beyond.

NEW: Rewards!!

You can now get rewards for your donations!

Streetbox: Get or donate a box and Streetbox matches it!


Our newest partnership with Streetbox tackles both Food Waste and Food Poverty.  For every Sociable box purchased, a box shall be donated.

If you live within East and North London (postcodes below), you can claim your very own fruit and veg box including surplus sorted by Edible London. 

*Postcodes Streetbox delivers: EC1, E1/2/3/5/8/9/10/11/15/17/18/20, N2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22, NW3/5

SportsBanger: Get a Big Love or Sow a seed T-Shirts and Hoodies


We have been gifted some amazing rewards from our friends at Sports Banger and Street Box, to help us boost our donations and get closer to our total,

*StreetBox, are offering for every claimed reward to Edible London, a nutritious Sociable box containing surplus fruit and veg.

It’s a win-win all around and we are buzzing to have such great partners on this journey with us.

Please donate to our Crowdfunder today, be part of the magic and change we are creating in our community.

Big Love to all our Edible London Heroes.

Let's make 'Creating an Edible London tackling food poverty' happen

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