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We're raising funds to help cover the costs of our COVID-safe measures (extra cleaning regimes, hand and equipment sanitiser, signage etc).

by Pete Rainey in Effingham, England, United Kingdom

Effingham and Leatherhead Rugby Football Club

Effingham and Leatherhead RFC, known as the Eagles, aims to provide a chance for anyone of any age and standard to play rugby and enjoy the game, and to benefit from the rewards that rugby has to offer.

Established in 1966, the club runs a minis section for under-6 to under-11, a juniors section for children over 11, and we have four senior (adult) teams. In recent seasons we've had up to 600 players, from primary school children to pensioners, training and playing rugby with the club.

The club’s vision is to be recognised as the community club of choice in Surrey, offering rugby in all its forms and creating an environment where individuals and families are welcomed and encouraged to play their own part in taking their club forwards.


The impact of COVID

COVID has hit everyone hard, including the Eagles. Safety measures mean we can’t run events to raise funding, and the clubhouse bar, kitchen and shop – normally the heart of our club – have had to shut for weeks on end, and limit capacity when they are open, massively reducing our income.

Making our facilities and training sessions COVID-safe also means extra bills on top of our normal expenditure. We've had to put in place extra cleaning regimes for our facilities, and we need to wash equipment and sanitise hands every 15-minutes during training, which means buying a huge amount of cleaning products.

Your help

We are a not for profit organisation, fully self-funded through membership fees, event income, sponsorship and bar, kitchen and shop takings. With reduced income due to COVID-19 we're rasing funds to help cover the costs of our COVID-safe measures.

We’re offering some great rewards for those who donate – so you can help the club and find some great Christmas stocking fillers at the same time.


Some of the rewards have been bought by the club, while others have been kindly donated. So some rewards have a bigger bottom line impact for the club than others. But rest assured that claiming any of the rewards benefits the the club, and of course, the more you donate, the more goes towards covering our COVID-safe measures.

The money we raise will go first and foremost to covering our increased COVID-safe costs. Any extra money we raise will be put towards new equipment to help us keep our training sessions as enjoyable as possible, as well as safe.

Our ethos

In previous seasons we have had around 600 players, from primary school children to pensioners, playing or training with the club.

Rugby, like many sports delivers great health benefits for players. Rugby is also values driven, and at all ages we teach and encourage teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship. Your support will help us keep as many players as possible engaged with the sport, bringing them health benefits, and for our younger players helping them develop a positive ethos.


ELRFC is a community. Our players, their families and our supporters look out for each other and help each other. And we’re also part of the local community. Our coaches go out to schools and cub groups to do rugby taster sessions, we regularly have a stall and games at local village fetes and fairs, and our facilities are used by other groups in the community - like local schools hosting fund-raising events. So it’s not just club members we want to reach out to. We want to spread our message across the community, to get more people interested in and involved with the club.

Getting and keeping as many people as possible actively participating with the club will help with their mental, as well as physical wellbeing, and will benefit the local community as a whole.


Let's make 'Eagles v Covid' happen

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