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I'll B 1st black person to turn white on camera & the issues with this. This Fact&Fiction story explores the implications of a Vitiligo cure

by stopthatnow in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Black man turns white!! 

Who wouldn't want to watch that...? 

This is like Super Size Me, where the filmmaker ate McDonalds morning, noon & night to see the effects on his body & mind. I will apply a skin altering cream morning, noon & night. The difference between these two is, this is about skin & perception, not food. I could call it: Super White Me!!

There is the fiction part to this & the reality part.

Any investors can share in the success of this never done before experiment. All investors will have the chance to attend or be invited to my UK & European stand up tour at a massive discount or for free. Have an open forum to get involved, comment or be part of the process, discount or free access to the B2W (black to white) merchandise & have my support with your projects with my connections to BBC, Channel 4 & production companies. 

The lightening cream video above was created for the commemoration of slavery where I met Princess Anne. It plays twice with slight alterations, so apologies for that, but I had a small budget, limited time & it could only be 3 minutes.

I'd also like a grassroots production team for the documentary & for the film, so please get involved in this unique idea. 

Julius x