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To finance an insolvency solicitor to present a legal challenge to remove the current administrator Peter Hall and challenge his findings.

by Simon Tilley in Northampton, England, United Kingdom

In December 2019 Douglas Stafford Limited was placed into administration owing £330,000 to workers and suppliers citing the business as no longer viable. The director Nigel Cook currently owes the company £176,000 through a directors loan which he used to drain money out of the company with no intention to repay this, all while living in a 5 bedroom mansion worth over £1,400,000.

If you're someone who prefers watching a story rather than reading it, we've made a series of videos, each detailing a different, self contained part of the story but also providing crucial information about the bigger picture laying out all the evidence.

You can watch them from links below.

Day 1 DS & MyView

Day 2 Nigel Cook

Day 3 Madelaine Cook

Day 4 Audit Nationwide Limited

Day 5 Peter Hall intro

Day 5 Peter Hall conclusion

A brief synopsis of events is that In November 2019 Nigel and his daughter Madelaine, also set up a "phoenix" company called My View Limited operating from the same address, moving all clients over without any of the debt. My View provides identical services despite previously citing the business as no longer viable.

Since this time the administrator Peter Hall has refused to cooperate with creditors denying their right to claim monies owed, covering for and supporting Nigel and Madelaine and their various companies wherever possible. He is currently under investigation by his regulator, however this due process can take time. Every month he is in post Peter Hall draws £1500 plus VAT from the company assets, draining and depleting any funds that could pay workers and will also seek to bill 12% of any monies paid in at the conclusion of matters ahead of any monies left to pay creditors.

The legal challenge to remove Peter Hall in the High Court is involved and costly and we are seeking to raise as much money as possible to fund the best case possible to remove him and hire an impartial insolvency practitioner.

Simon Tilley, a creditor owed several thousand pounds by DS and helping all other creditors, has already issued proceedings against Peter Hall in the county court for other matters and due to very underhanded actions of Peter Hall and his solicitors - one such being the solicitors requesting communications be issued to them BEFORE going on the court record and then arguing paperwork was incorrectly served - Simon currently has a £4000 order of court costs and his claim is still ongoing as it has not even reached court yet for Peter Hall to be held to account before a judge.

You may ask why you should help and how this affects you?

Recent changes to the insolvency laws due to Covid 19 have meant the loopholes Nigel Cook exploited in December 2019 have been even further relaxed. With the future of many businesses being uncertain, what happened to all the workers and suppliers of DS can now happen even quicker and easier.

Small businesses and suppliers are the backbone of our economy, unscrupulous directors and insolvency practitioners can now exploit the law by refusing to pay their suppliers and workers with impunity, unless we take a stand and make examples out of those who exploit the law.

Every pound you can pledge to help us expose this injustice will bring us a step closer to help strengthen laws to protect the workers who work with the system rather than the Fat Cats and Crooks who seek to exploit the system for their own avarice and personal gain. Seeing the consequences of one Crook being brought to book might be what stops someone from doing the same to you so that you never have to go through the struggles we have had to go through.

If you would like to know more detail please watch our series of YouTube videos that go into forensic detail over the build up, climax and consequence of the administration of DS and you can decide just how #DSHonest everyone involved was.

Let's make '#DSHonest' happen

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