Driving the Vale Earth Fair to a Better Van!

Driving the Vale Earth Fair to a Better Van!

To buy a decent van to help us put on our annual charity music festival and associated fundraisers.

We did it!

On 15th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £835 with 21 supporters in 63 days

We are a volunteer run, non-profit collective, that put on an annual charity music festival on the island of Guernsey. For more info on our festival please visit our website - valeearthfair.org/about/

To fund this we put on various fundraising events and this involves a lot of van driving! Over the years we've relied on various donated vehicles but due to recent interest from the authorities we would like to purchase a vehicle that will keep us on the roads safely for as long as possible.

This is our first attempt at crowdfunding and hope we can get enough support to buy a decent van, have it checked over by a mechanic and get it serviced before we start setting up the Vale Earth Fair on the 27th August.

We're offering a range of rewards for your support from gig & festival tickets to the use of us and our van for moving your stuff! 

Our ultimate reward is the full party eperience where we will bring a marquee and/or PA system to a venue of your choice!!

Check out the full list over here --------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

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