Doncaster Dry Gin

Doncaster Dry Gin

Doncaster Dry Gin (DDG) is a limited-batch, craft-gin micro-distillery, using traditional distilling methods & copper alembic stills

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On 28th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £1,220 with 9 supporters in 14 days

Hi Crowdfunders! 

Doncaster Dry Gin (DDG) is to be a distilled premium craft gin, traditionally made using copper alembic stills right here in Doncaster.  And greater still (see what I did there?), we will be using locally-sourced botanicals, making our gin a genuine product of Doncaster.

My name is Carl Lindley, and I am proud to be Doncaster (Yorkshire) born and bred. I'm also very passionate about all things local, craft and artisan, so much so that in 2015 I left my full time job and opened a small business in the village of Branton, Doncaster (The Badger). 

Originally a licensed coffee house / deli, we continued to explore the wonderful world of craft, and soon discovered the emerging spectrum of amazing distilled craft gins, growing our select range to now over 50. 

We have experimented with craft gins & tonics along with our loyal customers, and this shared-learning has been invaluable in establishing what people like, as well as for developing my own personal preferences & understanding. I am always keen to meet the actual makers and see production processes, so that I can pass on their own raw passion & enthusiasm, and fascinating back-stories. 

And it's as a result of these encounters that I started to research and plan for establishing a Doncaster-based craft gin back in late 2016. Since this time I have researched distillation methods & equipment, actively sourced locally available quality botanicals, and imported our baby 2 litre copper test-still ('Brock') & his bigger 10 litre sibling (waiting to be named by you!).  More recently, I have identified a suitable premises and applications are in place for the relevant licences. 

My extensive research & planning has opened my eyes to the truly vast & colourful array of  things made or grown in Doncaster, and I also want to celebrate Doncaster's significant industrial heritage along our journey. To this end I have ambitions and plans around developing certain limited batch editions to our original dry gin.

I now really need your help to create our micro-distillery and in turning this dream into a reality. Your kind assistance will also create necessary funds to enable the purchase of base materials, products & equipment, compliance with HMIC, distillation of prototype batch distills leading to a refined finished product, DDG branding & marketing - to name but a few. 

To ensure value for money, I successfully applied to Crowdfunder and won a competition to secure a starting, match-funded £1K, which will be used to cover the rent cost of the distillery premises for our 1st year. 

Doncaster is an amazing place to live or visit, and full of friendly, passionate & innovative people. Doncaster Dry Gin aims to showcase Doncaster's qualities, historical importance and heritage, and you could be part of our exciting first steps. 

So what are you waiting for? #GetInvolved! 

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