Dog Grooming course, for my future

by Holly Greaves in Uckfield, England, United Kingdom

Dog Grooming course, for my future
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To create a future for myself, where I can enjoy work and intertwine animals and fun together.

by Holly Greaves in Uckfield, England, United Kingdom


If you’re reading then thank you for clicking on my project! I’ve found myself in life not knowing what I want to do. I’m stuck. I’ve been in boring jobs where I don’t know where to go from. I’ve always been active and outdoorsy and I have a passion for nature and animals, weather it be rescuing an animal on the side of the road, or educating people on the different animals.

When I was at school and college I wanted to perform, but I’ve now realised that my courses will lead to nothing and I’m stuck with no useful qualification. 

I’ve been thinking for years but couldn’t quite put my finger on what I would want to do.

I one day realised you want to help people interact with animals everyday and have fun doing it. Basically what I’m trying to say is, I want to become a dog groomer. 

I’ve done some research into it, and the number of dogs are rising. Too fast for everyone to keep up with. My mum has a beautiful cockapoo called bear. His fur grows at an alarming rate but his groomer is booked for 5 months in advanced so are the other ones around where I live. So there is such a big market out there for grooming. 

I need to complete three courses at plumpton college to become a fully qualified city and guild dog groomer, where I have ambitions to then make my own dog grooming business. Where I want to them expand to mobile grooming. I’ve got creative ideas to bring to make my salon unique and stand out. 

I apologise for the long paragraph, but it is so difficult to put on paper my passion for animals and my fight to make a future for myself. If you’ve got this far in reading then I thank you so much for taking your time, and I hope that you would like to donate to my project. 

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