Documenting the Plight of Afghan Interpreters

by Faith Matters in London, England, United Kingdom

Documenting the Plight of Afghan Interpreters
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Hero Afghan Interpreter Mohammed Nabi Wardak, 30, deserves to be let into the UK instead of sleeping on the streets of Athens. You can help.

by Faith Matters in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra funding will allow us to develop a longer film about Nabi's life and experiences and also highlight the role of Afghan interpreters in the war in Afghanistan. It will also ensure that we can continue to campaign and lobby to save the lives of his family and him, whilst keeping the issue of our political responsibilities to Afghan interpreters, alive in the public domain.

Remember, this may be one case, there are many Afghan interpreters out there whose loves are at risk.

With your help, if Nabi and his family are allowed sanctuary in the UK, then we can ensure that those who helped our armed forces in the heat of battle, can be heard, as many are still in fear of their lives within Afghanistan.

We need your help to get Afghan Interpreter Mohammed Nabi Wardak into the UK. He risked his life for us and Faith Matters has actively been campaigning for this courageous man to be let into the UK. His story is below and the petition to get his case to be heard by Ministers and the UK Government can be found here. Please do consider signing this petition.

Over 67,600 people have signed the petition to let Mohammed Nabi and his family into the UK. This Crowdfunder will enable us within Faith Matters to:

*** Fly over a film-maker to Athens and to film Nabi on camera and highlight his plight online. This ensures that we can generate further interest in his case.

*** It will allow us to film and edit his personal experiences so that we can properly lay out his case to civil servants and Ministers.

 *** It will also allow us to document the impact on his family and on his life. We want to demonstrate to Ministers in this Government that people like Nabi cannot be forgotten, when they put their lives on the line in Afghanistan for our freedoms.

*** We also want to highlight how he helped the British Army between 2008-2011. Some material may be sensitive and which we will not highlight, but hear from Nabi's own mouth, how he helped our soldiers in the field in places like Kunduz and Helmand.

Your support is therefore being called upon so that we can get out there and send a message to Nabi that he is not alone and to have his voice heard through film so that Ministers here in the UK can heed his call.

There are many Afghan interpreters like Nabi and they have been left to their own devices. This cannot be allowed to continue.

You can find out more about Nabi's plight HERE. We also have a further update about Nabi HERE.

Nabi's Story - Hero Afghan Military Interpreter Mohammed Nabi Wardak Must Be Let into the UK

Hero Afghan Interpreter Mohammed Nabi Wardak, 30, is sleeping on the streets of Athens and fled his country of Afghanistan since he helped British armed forces in the fight against the Taliban. This simply cannot be right and it’s our duty to help him.

Mohammed served on the front line in Helmand Province between 2008 and 2011. His commanding officers during this time described him as an “excellent interpreter” who risked his life on many occasions. Earlier this year a review in policy meant that over 200 Afghan interpreters had been given the right to stay in the UK to protect from the threat of extremists and as a way to recognise the work they have done for us. Mohammed deserves that too.

Mohammed was threatened during his service with our armed forces and continued to receive threats by the Taliban which have been directed to his family and to him. He was forced to leave the army because of it. Sadly, on this occasion, he has had to leave his wife and family in Afghanistan, with four children, aged eight, six, five and three. He is now alone and living on the streets of Athens because the Taliban are active around and within his district in Afghanistan.

I’m the founder of Faith Matters and we work on building stronger community relations in the UK and in tackling hatred, prejudice and intolerance. We also work on countering far right and Islamist extremism in the UK and beyond. This is why we are disgusted that this brave man, who had to leave his country since he helped our military and who now is a target of the Taliban, is left to fend on the streets of Athens. Risking his life for us, he was told "that he and his family do not qualify for relocation to the UK". This simply cannot be right.

We are working with an NGO in Athens to help bring him to the UK, but we need your help. Please sign this petition to collectively send a message to the Government that this brave man who risked all for us, cannot be left to fend for himself, with his family also at risk. This Government talks much about tackling extremism and terrorism. The least we can do is to provide sanctuary to those who stood with us in the fight against it.


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