Discovering42 - Cornwall Science & Art Exhibition

by Natalia Jones in Delabole, England, United Kingdom


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We aim to create an interactive exhibition that blurs the boundary between science and art with a sustainability twist.

by Natalia Jones in Delabole, England, United Kingdom


What is “DISCOVERING 42”?

Discovering42 is a community Interest Company (CIC) that will be setting up Cornwall's first  science and art museum. We want to challenge the misconceptions that art is frivolous and science is perplexing.

We aim to be environmentally sustainable in how we approach the exhibition by considering the materials that we use for the artworks and in doing this we hope to inspire and raise awareness of waste and how we can move towards a circular economy.

Initially, we need to set up a pilot exhibition to prove that there is a desire for a science and art museum in Cornwall. It will also enable us to apply for further funding needed to set up the museum.


Who is it for?

Although Cornwall is a stunning place to live, there are high levels of poverty and deprivation. Currently, there are no science museums in Cornwall, which makes it a costly visit for many. We will bridge this gap and provide an enriching experience for our community and a valuable resource for schools. It will be particularly appealing during wet weather as there are currently very few alternative indoor options for families in the area. It will also provide entertainment for tourists, to divert traffic away from congested areas during the summer holidays.


What will it look like?

We will use cinematic lighting to create a colorful and immersive sensory journey. Different zones will have sculptural dividers and passageways to break up the space and transition between zones. Each zone will contain a group of artistic hands-on exhibits that practically demonstrate a scientific principle. Exhibits will be crafted with found objects and waste materials with the help of local artists. Each zone will have a challenge to solve at the end.


For our pilot exhibition, we aim to have 5 main zones; 


Did you know you can have a multicolored shadow? In this zone, you will learn about all things light related, from mixing light to diffusion, reflection, refraction and focus. Work together to solve the light maze.


This area is a bit breezy. Learn the about wind, fill the zone with sparkling light as you discover air pressure, then take your learning further with aerofoils. Use your discoveries to sail a model boat around a course.


There is a lot more than "what goes up must come down", it's time defy the assumptions we take for granted about gravity with gyroscopes, magnets and marbles.


Learn the principles of kinetic energy using cogs, levers, cams and gears and reveal the fascinating world automaton. Once you have figured out how it works, make one of your own to take home in our creator space.


Find out what it is, how it's made, and make some music. See the inside of a piano while you play it, explore some unusual junk instruments, and then compose your own melody with a giant mechanical music box machine


Where and how long will the exhibition be on for?

We have two locations in North Cornwall, varying in both size and cost. The choice of venue will depend on how much we raise. We have negotiated to rent the building we choose for 6 months, we are planning to have 2 months to build, set up and pack up and 4 months to showcase the exhibition.


How much are trying to raise?

 We have set the main target of 10k (half will be matched funded), which is the minimum that we hope to achieve and will allow us to put on a smaller version. Anything we raise over this will allow us to work with more artists, to make more exhibits and enable us to put on a much more impressive experience for you to enjoy.


What will my money be spent on? 

Setting up the exhibition 

  • Artists
  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Covid19 measures
  • Booking System
  • Marketing 

How will you ensure that the exhibition is Covid-safe?

Be Safe Now will be providing advice during the exhibition build and will be guiding our health and safty proceedures to ensure that we can create a safe experience for visitors.


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