Deploy environmental volunteers to take actions

by Constructiveway in London, England, United Kingdom

Deploy environmental volunteers to take actions
We did it
On 4th February 2020 we successfully raised £3 with 1 supporters in 14 days

You decide to start a run of a sustainable (self-financing) activist organisation and deploy volunteers dedicated to bringing a real change.

by Constructiveway in London, England, United Kingdom

We have created a new and extremely rare self-sufficient (later, self-financing) sourcing model of an activist organisation. This is unique because: 

  • Your donation will have an exponential long-term effect, not one use effect (it's not gonna be just spent) but, instead, it'll enable us to start a long-term run, give life to Constructiveway. This project will be running, co-financed from own side activities in research (also used in campaigning). We just need to finish the development, cover the basic expenses like web services (our servers), accounting, marketing, travel and other minimal expenses for volunteers.
  • Our organisation will be empowered by students sent by universities to get some experience in research so we will not compete for activists and fundraised finances against other NGOs, we'll get a lot of extra power, students that often will support our non-profit activities (even if they come for their school-related tasks).

Online volunteering for isolated students and disabled people 

We are expected to work in multiple domains of activities thus we will be able to provide extra volunteering positions for disabled people and students in isolated areas that can't get their work-related experience in a different way than via online volunteering with us. 


We are going to finance our non-profit activities from research (surveys, media data mining, etc). In this way, our project is supposed to be more sustainable and provide new opportunities for students.

Can you stand out, help us to go for our mission in the environment and human rights? 

We will have to quit or develop more services, finish our project, and pay our running costs

Constructiveway is a super-young organisation of people passionate about the environment and human rights, however, we will need the initial help to get running our activities.

Thanks, anyone who decides to be a part of our project!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£51 or more

£51 Reward

Green coffee cup! and a branded surprise...

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Free Pencil and a "Thank you"!

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